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posted by Webtech4rindia - 12/22/2011
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Small module to display, add/delete questions set based on different Pages. Using AJAX to give flexible ,quick access and nice user interface . The Module is also having feature to put own style sheet from Module settings. Module 24099


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Question and Answer modules from Webtech4rindia will give you to quickly setup FAQs, Question and Answer, Quick Links and other details quickly on accordion. 


Module Silent Features:

1.  Easily configurable : "Question and Answer" module is too simple to configure. It don't need any technical background to make module working. As any site administrator can easily install the module and put the module in any location  of the pages. The Admin section is well placed so admin can easily Manage Question and answer of the Modules part. 

2.  Can show listing based on Modules,  Role : This Module is rendering Question and respective answer based on Roles if that configured. So Portal admin are free to make Question and answer visible to any Role. So, one section of the Module will work for different group of user and question will be visible to user associated with respective roles.

3.  Can be controlled Stylesheet for display : Question and answer of the Modules looks and feel easily changeable for each section by assignation of appropriate Class file. If your skin was done proper ally it will take default style sheet as per the DNN structure.

4. Mutli-page, Multi- Portal configuration possibleSingle module can be configured to any number of instance of single Dotnetnuke portal or sub-portal.

5.  Easily Container applied and can be put in any location  : Container providing unique look and feel to section of our DotNetNuke websites. This Module can be placed inside any container. There is no hard coded width, height specified. So, it can be placed any where in pages with any container.


Below is few screenshot of the Modules



Question and answer

Question and answer

Question and answer

Question and answer

Listing section of the Modules: Collapsed

Question and answer

Listing section of the Modules: Expanded

Question and answer




  • Q: Can you give me a demo or trial version?

    A: Hello, Thank you for showing your interest on this product. Yes will send you link of the module to view on the sites. So you can see the working version of the module.

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