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As DotNetNuke continues to redefine the CMS landscape, powerful modules are emerging to fill common needs of the ever growing population of web property owners. miGhty LMS is one such module positioned to meet the great need for online learning, training and certification. Module 40077
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miGhty LMS




Student Features

  • Student Profile
    Extends the standard DNN user profile to associate students with a Profession, Facility, and even custom profile properties like License Number, Employee ID, Group ID, etc.

  • CEUs
    View awarded Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

  • Course Experience
    View courses of virtually any type, take tests to affirm learning, evaluate courses and receive certificates.

  • Available Courses
    Browse list of available courses and register.

  • Active Courses
    Keep track of all courses currently in progress.  Courses can be left at any time and returned to at a later time, resuming where left off.  Failed courses may also be retaken.
  • Completed Courses
    View list of completed courses and print out a certificate of completion.

  • Get Support
    Make contact with course administrators from within every functional area.

Learning Administrator Features

  • Dashboard
    Quick and easy management for your eLearning System implementation

  • Courses
    Easy-to-use interface for managing different course types, course content, properties, behavior, test questions and answers.  Courses can be loaded in only a few minutes, rather than hours taken by many Learning Management Systems.

  • Evaluations
    Support for multiple evaluations.  Every course can have it's own evaluation if desired.

  • Certificates
    Customize course certificate or utilize the default one provided.  Choose exactly what information you want to dynamically load into student certificates.  Many options.
  • Configuration
    Many module wide configuration options for Students, Courses, Certificates, and Support.

Release Notes

Version 01.01.00

Date Released: 09/15/2019

  • Added support for DNN 06.02.00 through DNN 09.04.00.
Version 01.00.03

Date Released: 08/15/2015

  • Added support for DNN 06.02.00 through DNN 07.04.01.
  • Corrected issues related to custom databaseOwner and objectQualifier.
  • Improved Student Dashboard UX.
  • Improved Student Profile UX.
  • Updated module's auto-role creation logic to ensure all added roles are automated "Approved".
  • Improved license validation logic.
  • Corrected issue with Student Account control in later versions of DNN 7.
  • Resolved jQuery related issues with tab and panel controls.
  • Removed dependency on AjaxControlToolkit.
  • Implemented jQuery Date Picker control.
Version 01.00.02

Date Released: 01/08/2014

  • If no CEUs are awarded to a student for a course, they can now receive a completion certificate. It displays the message "There are no awarded for this course."
  • Updated Student Course Detail to accommodate the scenario for no CEU courses and the availability of a completion certificate.
  • Updated Student Dashboard Completed Courses to accommodate availability of certificates for non CEU courses.
  • Updated Manage Course to now utilize for Course Admins instead of . This change is due to DNN no longer requiring First Name and Last Name by default in a user profile.
  • Updated all code dealing with dates to accommodate formatting for other locales.
Version 01.00.01

Date Released: 07/26/2013

  • Added security check for scenario when user belongs to both the MightyLMS System Administrators and MightyLMS Course Administrators role. SysAdmin dashboard will now be displayed.
  • Increased caching period for license to avoid as many trips to for validation.
  • Corrected INFO message spelling error during student testing.
  • Added configuration setting for "Display Correct Answers During Test".
  • Added support for SQL Azure.
  • Raised minimum DNN version required to 06.02.00 in oder to resolve DNN API issue retrieving list of users by role when used on Member Site belonging to Site Group.
  • Added better handling for spaces in extensions upload list in Configuration.
  • Corrected issue with course evaluation showing regardless of whether or not an evaluation is required in the course settings.
  • Added Course Setting in Configuration for "Require View Course For Test". Default is required so it will not affect existing client implementations.
  • Added Certificate Setting in Configuration for "Allow Certificates". Default is required so it will not affect existing client implementations.
  • Student profile now defaults to DNN User profile data. Changing student profile from within the module automatically updates DNN User profile. However, updating DNN User profile from DNN will not update the Student profile within the module.
Version 01.00.00

Date Released: 01/17/2013

  • Initial feature set

Product License

Simply put, one license entitles use of this module for one domain.

PROdnn Mighty LMS


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    1. PROdnn grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use this module
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