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posted by OnyakTech - 10/25/2015
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Portal Sign-Up makes it easy to setup a community of portals where users can create their own portals and optionally pay you a fee using PayPal subscriptions. This version makes it possible to allow visitors to create their own sites while preventing them from having administrative access. Module 35283
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Collect Signatures
Compatible with DNN 7
Google Maps Integration
New: Portal Builder Engine

Data Viewer Integration
Make money on DNN
by charging for Portals
New: Portal PayPal Gateway

AppBuilder Integration
Create Online

Collapsible Regions

Create your own
Site Templates
Control Admin Access
Samples Included
Custom Instructions and
Email Templates
Email Support
Limit Pages, User Count
and Disk Space


  • New User Interface: New redesign of the user interface and works even better with Bootstrap enabled themes.
  • New Portal Builder: The entire portal builder framework in OnyakTech Portal Sign-Up has been redesigned to provide a robust portal creation process. It's faster, has a higher compatibility level with future releases of DNN and provides a powerful foundation for all of the new features we are adding to the next release.
  • New PayPal Payment Gateway: The PayPal Payment processor in Portal SignUp 8.0 has also an exciting new design providing you with better integration with your PayPal account and improved security for advanced options that are executed after payment confirmation.
  • DNN 7.4.x Support: Portal SignUp is now 100% compatible with DNN 7.4.2

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Portal Sign-Up makes it easy to setup a community of portals where users can create their own portals and pay you a fee using PayPal subscriptions.  This version makes it possible to allow visitors to create their own sites while preventing them from having administrative access. 

DNN Versions Supported: Versions 4.5.3 and newer including DNN 7.x.

Portal Sign-Up has the ability to create Parent and Child portals.  Parent portals are created against a domain.

The Non-Administrative Setup feature opens new doors for DNN with a wide range of uses.  It creates the new portal but doesn't add the user to the Administrative Roles.  Instead, Portal Sign-Up creates a role you define and adds the user to that role.  With this feature you can...

  • Offer free sites to new customers with limited administrative abilities.  Once they are ready to upgrade, point them to another instance of Portal Sign-Up configured for PayPal Subscriptions or simply email them a PayPal Subscription link.
  • Host a company intranet and provide employees with the ability to create their own sites while preventing them from administrative abilities in DNN.  This eliminates the need for exhaustive DNN Administrative Training.
  • Create a web hosting community that's easy to use for everyone, not just DNN savvy customers.  


  • Hide the Site Description, Keywords and Template fields to simplify the setup for your new portal customers.
  • Optionally redirect users to a specific web page after the portal has been created instead of taking them to their new portal.
  • Improved PayPal Processing
  • You can now set the desired Expiration Date of Portals for all Portals, not just PayPal Paid sites.
  • Create custom user interfaces for Portal Sign-Up with OnyakTech Forms, H2O or other DNN form creation modules that are capable of posting to a web page with Session Variables.  Using this method, you can create your Portal Sign-Up form to look anyway you want.
  • You can now set the the User and Page Quotas.  Use this option to set different levels of pricing for your portals or for custom solutions that limit the user to a single page.
  • If the user is logged in, the user fields in Portal Sign-Up are pre-populated with information from the user profile.
  • New DNN Schedule Jobs to help keep your system clean of inactive portals and to notify users that their sites have expired.
  • Now includes the ability to use CAPTCHA to make sure only humans are creating web sites.
  • Non-Administrative Setup: With this option, you can allow visitors to create new portals and prevent them from being an administrator of the site. Use this option in conjunction with well defined Site Templates to give your visitors their very own with site without administrative rights in DNN.
    • Includes the ability to create a new role that you define and adds the user to that role.  This allows you to control the users rights through the defined role.
  • More PayPal Subscription Settings:
    • Trial Period Length
    • Subscription Period
    • Trial Fee and Subscription Fee
    • Users can now manage the subscription from PayPal
  • PayPal Integration
    • Allow Pending Transactions for those paying by e-check
    • Set Expiration Dates
    • Protection against Fraud
    • Automatically taken to new portal once payment is complete
    • For incomplete transactions, the portal is set with an expiration date for the previous day.  Allowing you to investigate transactions and enable portals by adjusting the expiration date.
  • Set Server Space
  • Limit 1 Portal Per User
  • Limit to a specific Portal Template
  • Set Sign-Up Instructions
  • Create Parent and/or Child Portals
  • Limit to Just Child Portals


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  • Custom Changes:
    You can request custom changes to this module by contacting [email protected]

  • DNN Versions:
    All versions from 4.5.3 to 7.x. Please download the version of Portal SignUp related to your version of DNN. A complete list is available on www.OnyakTech.com in the Members area.

  • Support:
    Free - [email protected] or use the Support page on www.OnyakTech.com