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PayPal StoreFront 5.5

posted by Dotnetjedi.com - 12/23/2014
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PayPal StoreFront is an easy to setup E-Commerce module that support both tangible and download products. Start selling your modules and skins now. Only PayPal account is needed and then you will be ready to go. Module 34052
  • $149.95 Standard
  • $499.95 Enterprise + Source


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Product Information
Specification Description
PA Installation Included
Source Code Not Included
Edition Standard Edition
Listing Limit Unlimited
Add-Ons Included (3)
URL: Live Demo
URL: Quick Usage Guide

Product Description

Created with usability in mind, PayPal StoreFront is simple and easy to setup E-Commerce module that support both tangible and digital download products. Only 3 simple steps below will get your stores up and running.

  1. Sign up for your PayPal account at http://www.paypal.com
  2. Enter your PayPal email on Store Configuration page.
  3. Start to add your product listings.

Features include Category Management, Shopping Cart, Checkout, Shipping, Review, Coupon, Also Bought, Related Products, Best Sellers, New Releases, Featured Products, etc.  Plese see here for more information.

New in this version

  • SEO Friendly URLs and Page Titles.
  • Option to enable Detailed Review (On/Off).
  • Option to set Detailed Review style. Options include star, bars of different colors, and your own custom bar color.
  • Option to customize Detailed Review template.
  • Option to make main image required or optional.
  • Option to include listings in sub categories for List Module Add-On.
  • etc.

New in version 5.3

  • Option to add script for Social Bookmarking service. 
  • Enhanced layout.
  • Enhanced localization.
  • Enhanced search.
  • etc.

New in version 5.0

  • Option to notify admin when users email friend.
  • Snowcovered Instant Order Integration.
  • Per category Featured Products, Best Sellers, and New Releases (List Module Add-On)
  • Email notification template.
  • Product Options (On/Off).
  • etc.

New in version 4.0

  • AJAX Search Auto Complete.
  • Product Content Sharing.
  • Customized icons feature (On/Off).
  • YouTube videos.
  • Facebook Like button (On/Off).
  • Enhanced role based review feature with an option to turn on/off purchase history requirement to review product.
  • Enhanced review administration.
  • Enhanced Download File Administration. Files can be shared across multiple products.
  • Set download password, expiration, terms, and conditions.
  • etc.

New in version 3.0

  • Product variation option.
  • Option to wrap controls to save screen real estate.
  • Configurable left, center, and right column width.
  • Enhanced search and navigation.
  • Enhanced friendly url.
  • Enhanced add-on modules.
  • Option to enable Facebook Like button.
  • etc.

New in version 2.3

  • Enhanced performance option.
  • Enhanced lightbox feature.

New in version 2.2

  • Option to set pre-defined attribute template. 
  • Cascade delete enable.
  • Lightbox with slideshow option. 

New in version 2.1

  • Option to send bulk notification for new product listings to target users in selected roles.
  • Option to turn on/off page options.
  • Option for Printer Friendly version.

Highlight Functionalities:

  • No portal registration required to make a purchase.
  • Downloadable products enable.
  • Nested categories with treeview option (unlimited levels).
  • Manage Coupons (with options for minimum purchase/expiration date).
  • Manage Files & Images (unlimited).
  • Manage Specifications (unlimited)
  • Option to list the same product under multiple categories (unlimited).
  • Option to copy existing product and save as a new listing.
  • New Releases, Best Sellers, and Featured Products enable.
  • Related Products enable.
  • Also Bought enable.
  • Tax/Shipping enable.
  • Page options enable (print, email, and inquiry).
  • Review enable (with "was this review helpful?" option).
  • Configurable themes.
  • Quick Search.
  • Option to export to product listings to excel.
  • Option to generate RSS feeds.
  • PayPal IPN Integration.
  • Sanbox mode enable (for testing).
  • Buy Now button for immediate checkout.
  • Etc, please see here for more information.
Add-Ons Included:
  • Cart Module Add-On:
    • Allow the Shopping Cart to be placed on any page within the same portal.
    • Item(s) and Price summary.
  • Search Module Add-On:
    • Allow Search Box to be placed on any page within the same portal.
    • Configurable Horizontal/Vertical align.
  • List Module Add-On:
    • Allow lists of Best Sellers, Featured Products, and New Releases to be shown on any page within the same portal.
    • Configurable number of populated items.
    • Configurable number of repeat columns.
    • Option to show/hide product images.
More Images
Main Page - Standard Icons
Main Page with Standard Icons (included in Module)
Main Page - Customized Icons
Main Page with Customized Icons. (Samples of customized Icons used in this Demo/Documentation are from http://www.aha-soft.com. They’re NOT included in the Module)
Product Listings
Product Listings
Search - Autocomplete
Product Search with the options of AutoComplete by Product Name, AutoComplete by Product Keywords, or AutoComplete by Custom Keywords.
Product Detail, Part 1
Product Detail, Part 1
Product Detail, Part 2
Product Detail, Part 2 - More Images/Videos
Product Detail, Part 3
Product Detail, Part 3 - Related Products and Reviews
User Review
To let User review any product.
Quick Administration
Most administration tasks can be easily accessed through the links on the Main Page.
Add/Update Product, Part 1
To add/update Product, Part 1.
Add/Update Product, Part 2
To add/update Product, Part 2
Add/Update Product Specification. (optional)
To add/update Product Specification.  (optional)
Add/Update additional Images (optional)
To add/update additional Images (optional)
Add/Update other Information (optional)
Add/Update other Information : Also List Under, Related Products, Product Variations,  Product Downloads, Product Review (optional)
Manage Categories
To let administrator to add/manage Categories.
Manage Coupons
To let administrator to add/manage Coupons.
Manage Listings
To let administrator to easily authorize/manage all lisitings.
View Cart
To let User view Shopping Cart.
Checkout through PayPal
Checkout through PayPal
Download Page
Download Page (Downloadable Product only)
Featured Products
Featured Products
Edit Options
Module Configurations for General Settings
Edit Options
Module Configurations for Review, Image/Video, and Search Settings
Edit Options
Module Configurations for Security, Performance, and Shopping Cart Settings.
Edit Options
Module Configurations for PayPal Settings.
Edit Options
Module Configurations for Announcement Settings.

License Information

  Standard Edition Enterprise Edition w/Source
Private Assembly (PA) Yes Yes
Source Code No Yes
Listing Limit Unlimited Unlimited
Add-Ons (3) Yes Yes
License Single Domain Unlimited Domains
Email Support Yes Yes

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Azure Compatible

Spotlight Reviews

5 5 (4 product reviews)
Kim S says... 5 5.0
Having never implemented a store, the help offered by DotentJedi from installing to going through the steps of getting the store conenected with a... Show More
Posted 5/3/2009
ALASTAIR S says... 5 5.0
first class product if you want a simple shop with a paypal button(s) that work. see painintheback.co.uk for an example of a nice neat shop with no... Show More
Posted 5/10/2010
Paul H says... 5 5.0
Product was simple to install and get working and the tech support was fantastic. Had an issue with items not being added to the cart via the button... Show More
Posted 8/4/2010
Andy H says... 5 5.0
I have to give the support a five start rating. After asking for a configurable add-on feature (selectorbox) for shopping cart items the Dotnet Jedi... Show More
Posted 1/30/2012

Product Specifications

  • Database Version:
    SQL Server 2005 or higher