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bhattji.Products is a simple tool for selling your products online and accepting payment through PayPal's BuyNow Buttons. Now the latest version with more features :) Watch your profits, Sky Rocketing :) Module 3661


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Please see the Demo here


bhattji.Products is a simple & economic to use DNN Module for selling your products & services online, Now the latest version with more features :). You can display your products in a variety of manner as you feel free. You can define the price in all the Currencies supported by PayPal. The Payment Collection is at your PayPal Account

Now your users will have several options for purchasing your product or services or

Kindly note, the bhattji.Products, uses the "POST" method for Interacting with secure PayPal site, hence your transactions are safe unlike the error-prone, vulnerable URL based "GET" method. Also, it now has PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification), enabled using Core's PayPalIPN".

This Newer Version has many many new features. Now, collect payment from user, who wish to pay either by Credit Card or Bank Account too

Also, using the PayPal for all monetory transaction viz, Payments, Inovice, Tracking etc, increases trustworthyness of Site, Transations and Products in the mind of your customers, increasing higher sales and higher profit for you

The USP of bhattji.Products, is not doing at your site ;)

You can categorise your product by either using multiple bhattji.Products Module on the same or different Pages of your site. You can even choose different PayPal ID for different bhattji.Modules

All the Modules designed by bhattji have one unique feature, that it does not reveal the desitnation URL either in the ToolTip or on the Status Bar of the Browser, ensuring safety, security and confidentiality.

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Do you need to:

  • Display products for sale via PayPal?
  • An easy to configure Pay Pal cart?
  • Charge users of your site for subscriber-only areas?
  • Charge users for services based a DNN security?

bhattji.Product's Pay Pal Catalogue is an easy & inexpensive DNN 3.x / 4.x Module for selling your products & services online using Pay Pal as a payment processor.

Easy! One page setup for catalog and products will have you selling in no time at all.





New Features Included in version 3.2 / 4.0Click for more Pay Pal Catalogue Screenshots

  • Add multiple options for each item such as sizes or colors.




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Display products in multiple formats

  • Catalog
  • Grid
  • List
  • Thumbnails


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Define your own links or pages to use for

•  Success return from Pay Pal

•  Cancel return from Pay Pal

•  Instant Payment Notification from Pay Pal

•  Supports all Pay Pal currencies


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Dynamic Thumbnail generation

Control Grid Image Placement

  • All Left
  • All Right
  • ZigZag Right
  • ZigZag Left

Display Pay Pal Verified badge




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More Great Features

Define your own button to use for Subscriptions

  • Subscribe
  • Buy Now
  • Add To Cart
  • View Cart





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Choose to accept Pay Pal payments for products or services such as site subscriptions and more.

Create categories by using multiple modules on the same or even multiple pages.

Separate Pay Pal IDs may also be used for multiple modules.

DNN Core IPN can be utilized for instant updating of services or subscriptions.

Define scrolling display of products – useful for highlighting a group of products.

Customers can pay via Credit Card or Bank Account via Pay Pal

Communication with Pay Pal is via more secure and more reliable POST method

NO need to maintain SSL as customers can feel safe in knowing that all sensitive financial information is handled by Pay Pal's secure servers.


View the PayPal Product Catalogue in Action




  • Q: How easy is it to set up? I am new to DotNetNuke and I don't have too much experience designing websites. I have an online clothing store and I am looking for something similar to my Ebay store where I use paypal to checkout. I am looking for something that is not too complicated to set up. Does It come with a manual?Thank you.

    A: Well, I guess, it is easiest among all the eCommerce Module, there is only a single page of configuration per Product and most things are intutive. The reason it is simple to set is that it uses full PayPal APIs (even the Cart is also from PayPal). There is no manual, but I guess the context senstive help is good enough for most, further you may contact us via Instant Messenger

  • Q: Do you offer a enterprise version of the software, we do a lot of different sites and prefer to have an enterprise version so we don't have to worry form site to site if we are violating someones license. A Site license would also accomplish this is we have all our sites in the same facility (but not always on the same servers). If you want to handle this directly since there is no option on snow that would be fine too. Let me know. Thanks The module looks great and I'm looking forward to working with it and you. Mark

    A: Currently there is no ready made site licenising availble, however, we do do that on case to case basis. Kindly contact us on [email protected]

  • Q: Has this been tested yet with 4.5.0?

    A: This has been tested and working fine upto DNN 4.4.1 and I see no reason, why it should not work on 4.5 too, although I am re-writing the entire code on DNN 4.5 with AJAX, which would be made availble soon

  • Q: I purchased your module yesterday, was able to configure the catalog/products, but have one question for you: 1) how do I add "Option Fields" to Paypal? I don't want a predefined list, I want them to be able to type in something - please see this page as an example (under Contributor item, you will see a text box called PayPal special instruction) Thanks

    A: Hi, currently PayPal offers two Option Fields, we are utlising both of them to be set by the Admin for classification of Product ( the site that you have refered to, uses it as the "PayPal Special Instruction" ) If you wish, we can customise the Product Catalogue to do so at an extra cost

  • Q: does this work with dnn 4.3.5?

    A: Yes, it infact works on 4.3.7 too :) see

  • Q: Does the customer have to be a registered user to put products in their cart, or can the user remain unregistered?

    A: Well, User can reamain Unregistered if you so wish, however, latest version (which requires DNN 3.3/4.3, has an option to force user to login/registered)

  • Q: I have a custom events module that allows Users to register for events. Their price total is calculated by their role and the number of guests they bring. It comes up with a final totla. Do you see a way for your module to 'capture' that total and send it to PAyPal as the amount to charge?

    A: Well, I guess, I would need more details. However, we may need to customised to the Paypal Module to the extent ranging from 15% to 100%

  • Q: Does this module provide a way to secure the download URLs when someone wants to sell digital products?

    A: Well, currently there is no secure download of digital product, incorporated. However, you can assign a role and upon receipt of the payment enable the User (of that role) through either <a href="">Core Repository</a> or <a href="">DNNPortal-Download Version 1.0.14</a>

  • Q: Hi, i'm trying to see how PayPal Product Catalogue 3.2 works because i'm intrested in buying it. I cannot open the demo page. Could you please send me the URL for the demo page? Download URL is also useful. What are licensing prices with and without source code? Best,

    A: Well, the working example is at Please contact me on <a href="" target="_blank">my MSN IM [email protected]</a> for further details. The feature has been incorporated

  • Q: Does the PayPal product Catalogue have a shipping and insurance module?

    A: PayPal Product Catalogue, does let you specify the Shipping, However, I am not sure, whether PayPal itself allows the Insurance. If it does, I shall incorporate that too. However, we have now updated the PayPal Product Catalogue to have different flavours of the same product with different Price. Hence you may have two flavours, one without Insurance with the default price and other with Insurance (with Insurance cost added to it). Please contact us at [email protected] immeditely for further explanation. This new feature has been incorporated

  • Q: I have a site I'm putting together for selling stickers. For one given design, there may be many sizes avaiable. Each one will have a different price. I would like to display the 'sticker' picture then a dropdown with the sizes. Selecting one in turn will send the right info to PayPal. Can your module help with this? Also, your screenshots are bronken on the snowcovered page. Thanks!

    A: As far as PayPal is concern the Item is unique as long as the Price is same (and ofcourse the Item name is same). However, we have updated the Module to have the different flavours of the same Product with different Price for each. Please contact us immediately at [email protected]

  • Q: I am setting up a photo site and I want the client to be able to login, go to their pictures, select and add the photos to the shopping cart. I would like for each photo to have the option of selection different size prints: such as 3 x 5, 8 x 10, by 11 x14 and each size would have a different price (same photo but ordering different sized at different prices). In other word, instead of having different photos for each size, I would like one of each photo with the option to select the size or sizes. Does your module does this or can it be customized to do this?

    A: As far as PayPal is concern, the Item is unique as long as the Itemname/no and Price are same :) However, there is an option field, which can be used to distinguish the different flavours of the Product (keeping price same, though). You would agree with me, that with different size, virtually the Item is changed, hence you can customise it to consider as a diifferent Item altogether. Besides, let me think over a bit more, to find a solution for this as well

  • Q: Does your module support Paypal Payments Pro?

    A: Well, it is like this, the PayPal Payments Pro is for the solution, which implements Custom Shopping Cart and contacts the PayPal site in background only for collecting the Payments. PayPal Product Catalogue, implements the PayPal's Shopping cart, which already has the payment pro, inbuilt into it. Thus, effectively it supports Payment Pro method :)

  • Q: Can a catalogue be data driven (from database) or do I have to add a module for each product to my page and use the module settings for description/price etc?

    A: Well, it is completly data driven :) even the multimedia part :) you just have to fill up the details of the product/service and rest all is done by the module. You can any no of such modules on a single page/tab and any no of products in one module (it does have the page facility) Kindly see the where I have listed three sample products in on PayPal Module :)

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