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Licence Master 3.0

posted by Dotcom - 9/3/2010
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Licence Master is a licence management application for software developers and vendors who wish to protect web applications from unauthorised use and distribution. Module 18756
  • $245.00 Manage licensing for up to 10 applications.
  • $370.00 Manage licensing for up to 20 applications.
  • $745.00 Manage licensing for up to 50 applications.
  • $95.00 v3.0 Upgrade (10 Applications)
  • $145.00 v3.0 Upgrade (20 Applications)
  • $295.00 v3.0 Upgrade (50 Applications)


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Licence Master is a licence management application for software developers and vendors who wish to protect web applications from unauthorised use and distribution.

Using Licence Master, you can ensure that only authorised installations of your applications are in operation.

Licence Master automates the licence management process for multiple web applications, with a significant saving in administrative effort. It supports flexible licensing policies and allows the administrator to manually override policy when required.

IMPORTANT! Licence Master v1.x users require a licence upgrade to run version 2.2.


  • Protect revenue from your software products
  • Flexible: licence whole applications or individual features; indefinitely, or for a specific duration; for single or multiple domains
  • NEW! High availability for protected applications: no dependence on licence server while licence is valid 
  • Generate revenue from licence upgrades and renewals
  • Supports automated sales processes for licence issue, upgrade and renewal
  • Easy-to-use: user-friendly administration control panel and user interfaces that use Telerik controls.
  • Easy-to-install: uses the same mechanism as any DNN module
  • Easy-to-integrate: APIs to integrate client applications and e-commerce modules.

Licence Master Features

  • Protects multiple applications
  • Standard and Feature licensing (*)
  • Version licensing
  • Supports licence issue, upgrade and renewal
  • Perpetual and subscription licences
  • Licence single or multiple domains
  • Administration control panel
  • Integrated DNN security
  • E-commerce policy manager
  • Configurable licence server outage tolerance
  • NEW! Secure, offline licence validation
  • Client application API
  • E-commerce API

(*) Standard Licence: for conventional licence agreements that permit the use of a product for a given period.

Feature Licensing: Allows the vendor to enable or disable specific application features. This type of licence can be used to protect applications sold in various editions.


IMPORTANT! Licence Master v1.x users require a licence upgrade to run version 2.2. 




  • Q: We are considering using your product for online magazine subscriptions. how will we be able to prevent someone from sharing the licence or user name and password to access the online mag? can we lock it down to IP address instead of via domain or is there a smarter way to do it? Please advise. Thanks.

    A: Hello, thanks for your enquiry. I'd need to know a bit more about your plan to give you an answer to this. Are you developing a DNN module to publish and manage your online magazine? Is that module something you sell to your customers so that they can incorporate the magazine contents on their DNN websites?

  • Q: does the tool have to connect over the web to the license master site each time the app/module starts? Of just when a license is needed? Thanks!

    A: That is entirely up to the client application. If you don't want to check the licence status each time your application starts, you can cache the status to a database or other medium. If you do that and you are issuing periodic licences, your application should check the status with Licence Master periodically, to ensure that the licence has not expired.

  • Q: Cool idea. This looks promising. I have a couple of questions 1) Do we need to pack the following files in the client apps? Dotcom.Modules.LicenceMaster.Client.dll Dotcom.Modules.LicenceMaster.Client.XmlSerializers.dll If so, will they be constantly overwritten by other vendors who are also using different version of license master? 2) Can we up grade from 10 apps to 20 apps version?

    A: Yes, those two .dlls need to be packaged with client applications. The DNN installation framework will not overwrite a newer version of a .dll, and we maintain backward compatibility of those components, so you can be assured that they will continue to work for modules compiled against earlier versions. Yes, you can upgrade to licence more apps at a later date.

  • Q: Hey, Great module, if you ever do a version that works with skins and modules both ... that would be great. Count me in as a customer if you ever do that. A tracking feature would be nice that could allow us to see how many installations there are for a particular license. Something like the google analytics / email tracking code or image that we can add to our module / skin that would send license master details of the module, license number , URL it is being used on, the date and time when the tracking code was triggered, etc. And if we could then also view this list of data against each license number or customer within the License Master interface. Would be even better if a singe license issued by Nukeville to the customer could work to activate both the Skin and module pack (because Morpheus and SkinLab are bundled and can be used under a single license). Great job! Have a great day, Thanks, Evan O'Neil. Nukeville.com

    A: Thanks for the comments, please spread the news! Remember also that Licence Master enables you to prevent your applications from being used without a licence. You always know exactly how many installations of the application are licensed, and the domains on which they are authorised to be used.

  • Q: Hi, Interesting product ! on the $195 license, can I use License master on upto 10 DNN modules for sale? I know I can use this product to protect a DNN module. Is it possible to protect a DNN skin pack as well ? Is there a ping back feature I can use to monitor installations? Our current licensing model allows skins and modules to be used on a single domain / website (Standard) or on Multiple websites hosted on a single server (Enterprise), how easy is it to set up this configuration with License Manager. Waiting for your response, Thanks, Norman.

    A: Hi Norman, Thanks for your interest. Yes, the $195 licence covers sales on up to 10 different DNN modules. We have plans to release a new edition of Licence Master that can be used to protect skins as well. Please email dnn AT dotcomsoftwaresolutions.com with more information about your needs regarding the ping back feature. You can sell licences that cover any number of installations using Licence Master. It is as easy to set up as specifying the number of domains when you create a new licence.

  • Q: I am very interested in this but I m having a hard time understanding how it works from the description. Do you have some user guides, or screenshots, or perhaps a demo version that I can see?

    A: Yes. There are links to various resources in the description section above that will help you. In particular, the User Manual explains how you use Licence Master and how you integrate modules and other applications with it. Download the free trial version to try it out before you buy! There are also various articles in our KnowledgeBase that will assist you. Finally, if you have any specific questions you want to ask, please raise them in our support forums.

  • Q: Do you have a demo that we can see before buying?

    A: Yes, there is a demo installation at http://dnn.demo.dotcomsoftwaresolutions.com/en/Licence-Master.aspx. Also, you can download a free trial version of Licence Master and refer to links in the resources section above which will provide you with the information you need.

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Product License

When we receive your order for a licensed version of Licence Master, we will send you your product licence keys directly by email.

Licence Agreement

This licence key agreement is a legal agreement between you and Dotcom Software Solutions Ltd. for the Licence Master software application. By using this product/license key you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.
This software/licence key is protected by national and international copyright laws. This software/licence key is licensed, not sold.

Granted Rights
This licence grants you the right to install this software/licence key for use on a single DotNetNuke portal. In addition, you may use the product for local development purposes though localhost on a single (1) computer system. This product/license key is licensed per DNN portal.

You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble any version of Licence Master if you do not own a source code license. You may not rent or lease this software/license key without a special agreement between you and Dotcom Software Solutions Ltd., you may not transfer your rights under this licence key agreement. All versions of Licence Master are designed to be used in web sites as a licence management application. Licence Master is not a development tool. Licence Master may not be incorporated into any software product or script sold or offered to any 3rd party. Each DNN portal must have its own unique licence key.

Dotcom Software Solutions Ltd. retains ownership of the software/licence key.

In no event shall Dotcom Software Solutions Ltd. be liable for any Claim, damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of information or any other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use of inability to use this software/licence key, even if Dotcom Software Solutions Ltd. has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Without prejudice to any other rights, Dotcom Software Solutions Ltd. may terminate this licence key agreement if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement. In such event, you must destroy all copies of Licence Master, any derivative work, and all of its component parts.

General: By installing this software/licence key you acknowledge that you have read this licence key agreement, understand it, and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.

Telerik RADControls
RadMenu, RadAjax etc are copyright of Telerik and the use of these components independently from Licence Master requires purchasing a separate licence from Telerik. For more details, please refer to the Telerik End-User licence Agreement: www.telerik.com.

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Netlogic C says... 5 5.0
This is an Exceptional solution, easy to implement, easy for clients/customers to use for license validation, and SnowCovered integration/adapter is... Show More
Posted 8/6/2011
Darren S says... 5 5.0
This is an excellent module for any module developer wanting to add licensing capabilities. It was easy to setup and the examples of how to use the... Show More
Posted 11/25/2010
Frank C says... 5 5.0
Great module! The module is robust. flexible and simple to install and use. The documentation is comprehensive and easy to read. Does exactly what is... Show More
Posted 10/14/2010

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