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posted by Aricie - 11/18/2020
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Your static images come alive ! Load background pictures, draw clickable hotspots and add javascript behaviors to them. Make dynamic organizational charts, technical schemes and clickable maps on your DNN 7.4 to 9.8 portals. Module 41424
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    Make up your maps

    What is it ?

    Make up your maps

    Discover the power of maps for your online communication. Most graphic and geo-graphic contents can be displayed with maps. It's clearer than a wordy content, fun and involving for your visitors. With HtmlMapMaker, simply 'draw' clickable hotspots on the map and add visual js effects to enrich the user experience.

    1. Choose a picture for background of your map
    2. Translate and rotate map items using powerful geometrical transformation tools
    3. Draw areas - as if you were back in primary school - or sniff html areas directly from the web
    4. Add javascript effects on click and mouse hover

    You're done!


    • Simple to install and configure
    • Multiple maps and sub-maps per module
    • Multiple hotspots per map
    • Multiple points per hotspot
    • Cross-map navigation
    • Hotspot Shapes: Circle / Rectangle / Polygon / Polyline
    • Hotspot Properties: Background / Text / Color / Size / Transparency / Link
    • Background image supports transparency (.PNG file)
    • Link on Hotspots: to sub maps / External links / Html content
    • Tracking on individual Hotspots
    • Hotspot Action: Action (Url/ Inner map / Html Content) / Image (w/ position) / Image text (w/ position) / alt text / color/ target / js function / Javascript effects on hotspots.
    • Dynamic content displayed in custom templates
    • Auto-hide option (see Chart Demo)
    • Import external Html maps from their Url's
    • Map / Hotspot edition workflow
    • Map / Hotspot Geometrical transformation: Resizing (units or percentage) / Translations / Scaling / Rotations with unlimited undo capabilities
    • Workflow on map & hotspot edition
    • Extensive caching for performance optimization
    • IPortable - import user-defined maps and export yours in XML format
    • ISearchable - Check out Aricie's search provider
    • Documentation
    • Locale management
    • Free online support
    • Documentation with step-by-step process


    What's New ?

    • [2.1.0]
      • DNN 9.8 compliant
    • [2.0.2]
      • DNN 9.4 compliant
    • [1.4.2]
      • DNN 9.1 compliant



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