Geosprawl Locator Module v4.01 Full Version

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Google or Mapquest maps to show all your locations. Quickly add a Search Box with Locator functionality to your site. For stores, dealers, dating/social networks, directories or anything with an address. Comes with Data Import, 'Searching' Animations, Embedded Maps, Search Filters and more. Module 35848


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Learn More About the Geosprawl Store Locator Module! Geosprawl Locator Module: For stores, dealers, dating/social networks, directories or anything with an address.  

Dotnetnuke 4.x - 8.x and Evoq!

Our Professional Locator solution comes complete with all the bells & whistles!  Search by Zip Code or City/State combination for all your locations that you've added into the system (supports any location in the WORLD that has a valid Zip/Postal Code).  Choose between Google or MapQuest embedded maps.  Full Source Code version is also available on our web site (sold separately). 

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  • Geocodes all your locations “on the fly” as you add them into the system.
  • Supports any locations in the world that have a valid zip/postal code.
  • NEW with version 4.0, geocodes with both MapQuest and Google.
  • Integrates with form builder modules such as Dynamic Forms to allow your site visitors to register information themselves (church locator, dating search locator with images, organization locator, dealers, people, etc...). Search for any type of information that an address is associated with!
  • Choose between embedded Google or MapQuest Maps. (map is embedded directly on your site!)
  • Display map links for user  to view/print driving directions to a specific location.
  • Add up to 15 User-Defined Fields to save any information you would like for each of your store/dealer locations.
  • Data Import Functionality (saves you lots of time if you have tons of locations)!
  • Define your own Search Box Labels & Captions.
  • Choose between various “Searching” Animations while your stores are being retrieved.
  • Select what fields you want to be displayed in the Search Results.
  • Optionally let your user click to view additional details about each of your locations.
  • Search Filter Options - control the # of results to display, set distance in Miles or Kilometers or “Smart” distance (miles for U.S. and Kilometers for all other countries), set a radius filter, and more!!!
  • Set “Category Tags” on your locations to filter the search results (Example: if you have 100 stores and only 10 of those stores sell 'Blue Jeans', you can restrict the search result to only show those 10 store locations)
  • Advanced Search Box Functionality lets you optionally place a Search Box in various locations throughout your site if you'd like!
  • Download the DEMO and TEST DRIVE THE MODULE TODAY!!!
  • Source Code version is available.

  • Sample Screen shots below.

Initial Search Screen can be tailored to fit your search needs. The search results page can be shown with or with out maps.
View our Demo Site or Download Trial Version
Search with Results

Location Details Screen reveals details specific to each location.
View our Demo Site or Download Trial Version

Location Details

Allows Users to Generate Driving Directions Directly from your DNN Site.
View our Demo Site or Download Trial Version
Driving Directions

Links the maps embedded in DNN to Googles expanded maps for enhanced detail.
View our Demo Site or Download Trial Version
Expanded Google Map

Please note, prior to using the bulk Data Import, if you are on a 64 bit operating system and you receive this error: System.InvalidOperationException... Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 is not registered error, this problem can be solved by either Installing MS Excel or MS Access, or install the Microsoft Office System Driver.  For 32 bit operating systems, simply download the Jet 4.0 installation from Microsoft. This driver is needed by the framework in order to read through a CSV/Excel file.  For other errors, try naming your CSV file to something simple such as MyData.csv before uploading it.  Do not use any strange characters such as underscores or dates within the file name.


Product License

Product is licensed on a per-portal basis. Each additional portal within a dnn site will require additional licenses. By purchasing, you also agree not to use product as a hosted locator. We offer server licensing as well. Please contact us directly at [email protected] if you would like a quote on a full server (host) license.