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Floating Module 8.0

posted by ZLDNN.COM - 3/29/2018
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By using this module you can select a module floating on your page. The floating module can be hidden or shown when a user move his/her mouse on the image handler. Module 37905
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It can work with DNN 9.2.

Living Demo HERE: http://demo.zldnn.com/floatingmodule

By using this module you can select a module floating on your page. The floating module can be hidden or shown when a user move his/her mouse on the image handler.

 The demo of a module always floating: http://demo.zldnn.com/floatingmodule/AlwaysFloating.aspx

The demo of several floating modules in one page: http://demo.zldnn.com/floatingmodule/BothSide.aspx

The demo of using custom open/close image:


From version 6.8, it uses C# to replace VB.Net as program language. It is built under DotNetNuke 5.2 and can work with DotNetNuke 5.2+ including DotNetNuke 6+.
If you want to the version for DotNetNuke 4.x, please create a help ticket in support of http://www.zldnn.com.

version 8.0

Working with DNN 9.2

version 6.9

Fix the issue for working with IE 10.

New in 6.8

  • Now it uses c# as program language
  • It can work with DotNetNuke 6+.
  • Fixes issues for working with IE9.
  • Now you can set it to show only once per session or only show one time.



  • You can set the floating module in left,right, top or bottom.
  • You can select any module on a page.
  • You can set the width of floating zone.
  • You can set the top of floating zone
  • You can set a module always floating.
  • You can select an image for handler of floating zone.
  • Easy to use.
  • No need to modify dnn core.
  • Independent on database.
  • You can add more than one floating module in a page
  • You can put a module from other page into the floating module.


  • Install the Floating Module as normal DotNetNuke module
  • Add an instance of the Floating Module into a page.
  • Goto module settings to configurate it.
  • Set the cache time of both the floating module and the module that will be floating to zero.


       1) Go to the Module Settings of the module that will be floating to check the cache time. If the cache time is not zero then set it to zero.

       2) Go to the Module Settings of Floating Module to assign the module to be floating.

 Floating Module 6.1 is for DNN5.1+

Floating Module 4.9.5 is for DNN 4.7+.

New in 6.3

  • The is a new type of always floating  and you can both left and top location when always floating.

New in 6.1

  • Now you can set left location when floating on top or bottom.

New in 6.0

  • Support floating on top or bottom.

New in 5.4

  • Bug fixes. It can work with IE 6 now.

New in 5.2.6

  • Hide the scroll bar when floating right.

New in 5.2.5

  • Set style for floating module.

New in 5.2

  • Disable floating in Edit mode.
  • Set backgroup color for floating module.



1 Portal License Standard Edition Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes Yes
C# Source No No No Yes
Installation License 1 production DNN Protal
1 test Portal
1 production DNN installation
1 test installation
Multiple portals installation within your enterprise portals Unlimited
 Free Upgrade  3 months  6 months  12 months  12 months
Redistribution Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted



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5 5 (9 product reviews)
superbluesman s says... 5 5.0
Pretty module! See http://dvbi.ru
Posted 9/13/2012
Benny E says... 5 5.0
I had some little problems in the beginning but the support was very good and fast Now it works perfect.
Posted 12/30/2009
Cesar C says... 5 5.0
I find this module very useful and it has a nice effect. You can float almost any module. Support is great and new features are added constantly.
Posted 12/12/2009
Rick M says... 5 5.0
Great product, and exceptional support! I actually use the latest version,but i purchased this one so this is the only place i could leave a review..... Show More
Posted 8/3/2009
franc s says... 5 5.0
I bought a few modules from you. I am finally realizing which developers are reliable and which are not. You have around since I started with DNN... Show More
Posted 3/16/2007

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