Flip Wall Module for Images, Logos and Sponsors-Custom Build

posted by DnnZone - 1/18/2011
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Show images, logos or sponsors in an interactive grid. You can upload images along with the description and the link URL. This module will show these images in an interactive grid. Once an image in the grid is clicked, image view will be flipped and description view will be shown. Module 20323


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It is an old saying that A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes we expect more from images on the web . This is the time when default or custom tooltips come into play. One of the simple way to show more info with an image is to show a default tooltip. And if you want to do the same in a better way, you can give a try to interactive Image Flip Wall module.

This module can show images in an interactive grid instead of a simple grid. Once an image in the grid is clicked, image view will be flipped to descriptive view. Clicking the descreptive view will take you back to image view.

Browser Support:

Live Demo:

You can access live demo here

Following screenshots describe the functionality of this module:


Image Flip Wall Properties - Module Settings Page:

DNN 4.x uses older version of jQuery, for DNN 4.x portals, always check the Include jQuery from module settings page.

Manage Flip Wall Images:

Flip Wall View:

You can see it working in the live demo URLs, mentioned above.

You can find a blog post on how to use this module here.