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Feedback Designer - Feedback Forms wih Popup Mode

posted by Interactive Webs - 1/31/2012
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DNN Feedback Form Module made easy for DNN. Featuring popup effect for forms, database capture, direct to department based on selections. Used for years by thousands of DNN users. Module 10745


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Feedback Designer

Feedback Designer is a DotNetNuke Feedback Module / Reply form. It is a premierDotNetNuke (DNN) module that is written specifically to give users the ability to add a comprehensive feedback module into any DNN web site. The module is compatible with all recent version of DotNetNuke. The module is easy to install, easy to administrate, and even easier to use. Because we recognize that there is a variety of users who will use this module, from simple to advanced users we have focused much of our effort on making the module easier to user and more feature rich.

  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Install
  • New interface
  • Capture Form Data
  • Auto Reply Feature
  • Popup Mode
  • Custom Message Sent
  • HTML in Form

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About the Mdoue

This module is to fill the gap with the DNN feedback module. The idea is that most users creating a web site for business or pleasure will want to place a form to allow email contact from the site.

The reason it is better to have a form on your web site rather than an email address is to avoid spam, look professional, and ask specific questions.. Any time you have an email address viable on your site, that address will get picked up by malicious users (usually with automated spiders) and added to spam lists. Once this occurs, the work of spam in your email box is about to begin.

To counter this, and give a more professional feel to your site, it is best to offer users a form that in turn sends email directly to you, without revealing to the world your email address.

This is where the "Complete Feedback" module for DNN comes in. Drop this little baby in your site. Configure it to ask users for specific fields of information. Configure where the completed forms will be sent. And you are done.

We have found that our clients include Club, and Associations, Schools all the way through to small business. Anyone who want to keep an easily managed dynamic web site. We have several hundred satisfied clients of our earlier version "Complete Feedback Designer" and now we offer a far more developed product.

Feature Highlights -It is not easy to list all of the features, however we will try to list the major product features below.

  • Easy to Use This module will install on it's own, or upgrade an existing instillation of "Complete Feedback Designer". You install is as a PA for DotNetNuke, and insert it as a module on any page. Simple to configure with simple menus for settings.
  • Small and Fast Even though the module is feature rich, we have worked hard to keep the ASP.NET 4 code to a minimum. This means the module will run fast on DNN.

    Small PA File Size - Well designed and fast.
  • New Menu System We have created a simple to use menu system for configuring the module. This helps to keep the module easy to user for users who are new to DNN.

    Simple Menu with Icons
  • It Works Many of us have experienced frustrations with expensive modules that don't work. The either break or don't work as advertised. Our dedication to this working module is evident in the fact that we have sold hundreds of working modules and continue to develop all of our modules as a full time effort. This is what we do!

    Proven and Reliable
  • Intro Texts Many users have requested that we include some intro text that is positioned above the module by way of introduction to the form. Not only have we added this feature, but the text ties into the Text/HTML editor in your site. You can position HTML Text and Images in the introduction.

    Intro text has HTML Support
  • Multiple Email Settings The email settings have been enhanced to include BCC, Subject, Display "Send Copy". This means that when submitted, the form can not only be sent to multiple email addresses, but a Blind Carbon Copy (unannounced) email can be sent to someone. A manager or supervisor for example.

    Multiple email settings can be configured
  • Auto Reply Email Settings Many of our users wanted an "Auto Reply" option. We have now included this feature. Now you can configure Text/HTML email replies that are sent automatically to the person filling in the form. This allow you to acknowledge by way of instant reply the submission of the form, and give that all important initial contact back to the site user.

    Auto Reply email message contain HTML
  • Edit the Look and Feel Make simple changes to the size and display of the form. Or for advanced users, edit the HTML code driving the form. This feature has been much improved in this release of the module.

    Editing the look and feel has never been easier.
  • Upgrade Path This module will upgrade the original "Complete Feedback Designer" as we have worked hard to ensure that we continue to build on our products ensuring that upgrades are seamless. There is no upgrade pricing, but rather, we have kept the price at an extremely competitive rate. This ensures that you can make a simple decision to upgrade for the new features in this release.
  • From Email Email messages sent via this module appear to come from the email address of the person sending this form. This way you can simply reply to the message directly from your email application. It also assists with penetration of spam filters etc, as the incoming email is correctly formatted.
  • Change form Order Changing the order of items is as easy as ever before. Use the arrows in our Form Items manger to change the order that items appear. You can allow delete and edit items in this one simple location.

    Editing the order of items is easy.
  • Configurable Maximum Character Length for TextBoxes (both SingleLine and MultiLine).These have been tested and work correctly under FireFox

    This is easily configured here:
  • View Submitted Forms Now you can turn on the option to view submitted forms. Not only is the email sent out but also stored on the database.

  • Email Formatting has been included. Email messages sent from the module can now be formatted as html email messages. The big advantage of this is that is allows the person receiving the form as an email to reply to the message in their email application, and have their html formatted email signatures correctly incerted into the message for delivery.

    Email Formatting Options

    Sample Email as Displayed in Outlook 2007
  • See a Working Demo We have created a working demo site that has some sample form fields here. Please feel free to play around with this form. Click Here
  • Anonymous Forms can be sent. If the anonymous forms option is enabled, the engine with fill in missing mandatory fields like from email address to ensure that the email is sent sucessfully.
  • URL Tracking the URL of the page prior to arriving at the feedback form page can be tracked. This allows a single form to be used on a site that tracks the page where the user initiated the enquiry. Handy for example in a store, every product page can link to a singe form for enquiry, and the recipient of the email can easily see the product that the person was enquiring about.
  • Submit form Buttons - We have enabled the ability to place an image button for the send and reset icons. You can also edit their positions on the page.

    Select Images or Text for Send/Reset
  • Database Recording - You can have all submitted forms stored to a database. These forms can be viewed from within the module or sent via CSV to an email address.
  • Database Recording - You can have your form include a request for human validation with the use of form Capcha.
  • Date Selector - Date selector Java Script Entity type.
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SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012 and Express

DNN Versions

DNN 4.5.5 and Above, including DNN 5+, DNN 6+ and DNN 7x

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  • Q: Will this work with version 4.9.0?

    A: yes as it is shown on this page http://www.interactivewebs.com.au/feedbackdesigner/FeedbackDesigner.aspx The module will work with all versions of DotNetNuke 4.5.5 and later, including the latest version of DotNetNuke.

  • Q: We are looking for a Contact Us/Feedback form that would have different inquires; such as a drop-down for Technical Problems, Content Questions, Marketing Questions, etc. but we would like the message sent to different people based on the type inquiry. Also, we would like uses to be able to attach files (i.e. screenshots for technical issues). Can your module email to different email addresses based on the type of question selected?

    A: Yes it can do that.

  • Q: please explain the 'license packs'. 1 license per domain?

    A: http://www.interactivewebs.com/Support/HelpWithModuleActivation.aspx

  • Q: With a multiple license purchase, each license is for a seperate sub domain, but does each installed license have to be used in the same installation of DNN or can they be split up into seperate installs as long as the # of licenses purchased isn't exceeded?

    A: No, you can use the licenses any place you like. You can even sell them to others if you wish, we don't care how you use them.

  • Q: I have been trialling a product at this page to create a mortgage application form - (http://www.propertyportal.com/MyAccount/EngageSurveyTrial.aspx) but as you can see the layout is poor. It occured to me that your feedback designer would work much better. However, I am already using it on the site as a contact form - http://www.propertyportal.com/MyAccount/EngageSurveyTrial.aspx. Can I use multiple instances of the module and how does that affect interrogating the data on the database? Would I have to delete the contact form module on this page -http://www.propertyportal.com/MyAccount/EngageSurveyTrial.aspx Regards, Andrew Goldthorpe

    A: The module runs independently. You can have multiple modules on one page with no trouble.

  • Q: Hi, thinking of implementing your product but questions: Can the submitted data be exported. I read that it can be emailed as csv file. Can the data be exported any other way .. ie: in excel format. And also, can it be done in bulk? .. if I want to export all the submitted form at once instead of one by one? Reason: I want to move info from submitted forms into a customer management database. Please let me know if it can do above .. if it can, I will buy your module. Thanks. Justin

    A: Thanks for the question. Yes. You can export in bulk to a format that will be opened by excel. All submitted forms can be opened at one time. Check out the trial on our site, it is free and will let you see it all working.

  • Q: The feature "Popup Mode" sounds interesting, but I can't seem to find anything information about it on the Snowcovered product listing or on your website. Am I missing it? Thanks!

    A: Download the free trial. The manual in that download package explains the popup mode. You can see it running here: http://www.interactivewebs.com/ContactUs.aspx

  • Q: Hi there, does this module also register users? We could then have the autoresponder send a link to get them to fill out more of their profile. Otherwise, I have used the older version and it is really cool! Thanks.

    A: No it does not, but our advanced login module does a great job with custom user registration.

  • Q: Hi there, I bought this from you before and it worked well. Just a question though, I am developing a website for www.eapconsultants.ie and I want to buy this again for a few forms they need emailed to them. However, I am developing the site on a hidden domain for them: http://eapconsultants-ie.access.secure-ssl-servers.org/Home.aspx and so I am wondering if I buy this will I be able to run it on http://eapconsultants-ie.access.secure-ssl-servers.org/Home.aspx and also on www.eapconsultants.ie when it goes live. The reason I ask is that I remember it was locked to a single domain last time I bought it. Running DNN 5.6 Adrian

    A: The trial is locked to the trial domain for the trial period. We suggest that you install, setup and configure the forms during the trial period. Then let the trial expire. When you are ready to go live. Activate on the correct domain, and all your hard work will return when the module is activated.

  • Q: I have a client that needs to use a form to access their client's health and then register them so they can view their portion of the site for a customized fitness program. Seems like this might be a good module for that. Am I on the right track?

    A: It would be good for that. And you can have the form redirect on completion to a location where the user can register with our Advanced Login Form - That way when the data is reviewed the admin can just find their related account and assign it to a security role as needed.

  • Q: As a new DDN user and very interested in downloading the demo. But before I do, please tell me, is there a specific module section or page or detail instructions on how to setup a database connection with this product? I would like to use the data captured from your product for marketing. Bottom line, what do I need to know to setup the database connection? Is the information provided or is additional XML coding required?

    A: Thanks for the advanced question. We provide a simple way to use the data collected, that is to export the data as a downloadable file. If you need to get more advanced than that, the data is being stored in SQL tables, but we do not support this advanced database connections. Sorry to say that if you want to "hack" into the SQL store you will need the ability to work out how to do this your self.

  • Q: I purchased 1 license on snowcovered and actually needed a bulk purchase of 3. How do I get the 3 price? Thank you.

    A: I have pt up a discount for you for 50% discount on subsequent purchases.

  • Q: Hi, I am developing a website in temporary subdomain called http://customer.wodey.de after completion of website I will transfer it to http://wodey.de If I buy this module can I use it both for the subdomain site and later to the final website? Thanks

    A: We suggest that you use the module in trial mode in the first domain, and configure the module while in that location. Even if the trial expires before you go live, the data is still preserved. Then when you go live, access on the new subdomain and activate there. This is easiest way to access the module in each subdomain.

  • Q: Hi. I am looking for a flexible feedback module. It appears that your module will suit me, however i would not mind trying it out for our web site (www.mybyte.com.au). Is there a demo or are you able to give me a time based version where if I like it, I can buy it. I'm sure it will be OK though. Thanks Jim.

    A: Free demo by clicking the try now link on our website. Just click the Feedback Designer box in the snowcovered product listing above.

  • Q: Am I understanding correctly that you don't have an unlimited portals license available. As a DNN hosting provider this makes for a difficult sell to my clients and prospective clients because it doesn't allow us to spread the cost across our entire client base. This can make it difficult to maintain profitability. Looks like a nice module otherwise. Thanks a bunch, John

    A: We do not have an unlimited version. We do have bulk license packages on our site here. http://www.interactivewebs.com/Store/tabid/161/List/0/ProductID/24/Default.aspx?SortField=ProductName,ProductName

  • Q: Is there a limit to the number of fields you can put on a form? Is there a way to supress the feedback from appearing on the page? I just want the email.

    A: There is no limit to the fields. You can hide fields too. So we are not sure what you want to do with the form, but it sounds like it will do it. Best to try the free trail.

  • Q: I want to integrate your module as part of a site which needs to be W3C AA compliant. We will use a DNN install of 05.01.04 or above. Can you confirm that your module would be compliant.

    A: To be honest, I would have to say that I believe DNN is not truly W3C AA compliant, and most advanced CMS systems are technically not. Don't take it from me though: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http://www.dotnetnuke.com&charset=(detect+automatically)&doctype=Inline&group=0 And that is about the best you will get. Now that being said, I can say that this module does conform to the recommendations of DNN in module design and we would not expect it to contribute directly to W3C AA failure.

  • Q: Will this work with DNN 5.2.1???

    A: Yes it will. All versions of DNN 5+

  • Q: Hi. I just purchased the item and just found there is no anti-spam code box to stop spamming. Can you add this feature please? Or what would you recommend? Thanks, Tony.

    A: This is already a feature. In add edit items. There is a tick box for "Code Validator" tick that.

  • Q: Hi, is it possible to use this module as an email facility only, suppressing the feedback display on the page? I want to install the module on many pages, to enable many different people to be contacted, sending me a blind copy, and not to show the text of the email on the page.,

    A: It is a little hard to know who would meet your specific needs. The module can be set to send Email to a particular address based on a drop-down list selection for an apartment for example. There is no need to have anything other than the sender's e-mail address as the initialisation. The best way to work out it meets your specific needs is to download the trial from our website it is 100% functional while you are testing.

  • Q: Is it possible for the user filling in the form to also be the recipient?

    A: It is not possible to use a token, however there is an option to send a copy to yourself. If the user selects this option then they will receive a copy.

  • Q: Is this dnn5.0 compatible? I am upgrading an older site with this on it but need to know if it is going to be a problem. Or if you have an alternative? Great module, thanks!

    A: We are releaseing a DNN 5 version this week. Keep your eye out for it and download the update free at: http://www.interactivewebs.com

  • Q: Using the module to get buyer information - is there a way to redirect to another page after submission so i can give that page to Google analytics as the goal page and sort of see how many are getting all the way through my funnel

    A: You can setup the HTML of the page confirmation with a standard timed HTML to redirect.

  • Q: I downloaded your trial and installed it on my site. How do I get a captcha to show up? I don't see how that is possible.

    A: If under the add items configuration menu you click Enable Code Validator you will be have a captcha

  • Q: We have a school and would like to take applications over the internet. will this module do this and will it sent it to me in an e-mail? (looking some what like I design it on the web page)

    A: Exactly what it does, but in the current version you cannot add a file to the form, so it is not good if they need to submit a scan etc.

  • Q: I am trying to include captcha on the feedback designer form. The "enable human response" mode doesn't seem to do anything. Is this the right way to add this function? thank you!

    A: This feature has been included in our recent release.

  • Q: Hi, we use Feedback Designer 40.01.63 with an Unlimited Licence. Now, there are a lot of bugfixes available in newer versions of Feedback Designer - how can we get them?

    A: Sure can.. please contact us using our form on our web page. http://www.interactivewebs.com.au

  • Q: I've made a number of attempts to get the latest version of Feedback Designer. All the Vendor says is to visit their website. Unfortunately, there is only the option to purchase the software. According to this Vendor, you can get the latest copy within 6 months of the purchase. However, this does not seem to be true. Evening after registering on the site. There is no option to download the latest version with out paying another 29.00. It seem the user will have to purchase any update whether it's within the 6 month period or not. Needless to say I won't buy from this Vendor in the future.

    A: I will try to be really clear for you. The free trial version that is available on the "downloads" page on our website is the FULL version. It will update your current version to the latest features. You can either login with the user details that were sent to you when you purcahsed from snow, or for that matter.. register again as a users on the site and download with that account. Any registered user on our site has access to the latest software for Feedback Designer. I also mentioned in your SnowCovered support ticked, that once you upgrade to this version, we will need to verify and manually activate the prodcut for you. So once upgraded... follow the help available online at our site "Help with Module Actication" under our support link on our home page http://www.interactivewebs.com.au I hope this is enough information to get you through.

  • Q: I've tried on several occasions in the past few weeks to get the latest update to this application. My understanding is I am eligible to get the update within 6 months of my purchase. However, after writing the developer, registering on their website and writing several emails. I have yet to be given the latest release. So, I'm asking again. How can I get a copy of the latest release of Feedback Designer???

    A: Hi Carl, All the latest version of our modules are available at our website. http://www.interactivewebs.com please go to the downlaod link for the latest versions of modules.

  • Q: Is it possible to dynamically alter the recipient of the email depending on a field (say a dropdown) in the form? For example, if the user selects Sales, the feedback will go to [email protected] If they select Technical Support, the feedback will go to [email protected], etc.

    A: This is built into the module already.

  • Q: Are you able to e-mail the form information as an attached text file in a comma delimited file? If so, can you specify the type of delimiter and file type? The program that would be reading this file looks for a .fol extention and "|" delimiter.

    A: The send file is a csv so is using a , (hence the name) but you could do a find and replace on this when you receive it and rename it to anything you like.

  • Q: Can a form be created using Feedback Designer in any browser? Thanks.

    A: I would not be so bold as to say any browser. But definately the top 4.

  • Q: Hello, I think it would be interesting in having a captcha, and possibility to show some of the user feedback in a separate module (like I am doing on my Contact web page - http://declic-video-fx.com) If you do so, I will be ready to buy it. DV FX

    A: It is in the list for near future updates. Please keep your eye on the product.

  • Q: What would be awesome is if this could be configured by the admin so that questions asked by a registered user would be seen only by him, the answer to the question as well. So it would essentially be a private message board between the admin and the user. Could that be a relatively straightforward feature for you to integrate?

    A: We are working another module for that. A ticketing system. So we will not be putting this feature into this module. But good idea.

  • Q: I need to find a module which can be inserted on different pages - say one for sales and one for marketing. The feedback that is submitted should only stay on those respective pages. Does this module allow feedback to be displayed on the page? Does it distinguish between different instances of the module and separate the feedback?

    A: The module will run on seperate pages. You can even have multiple seperate forms on the same page. It can store to database in each case. You can then go in and look at the stored data or get a csv with the data in it.

  • Q: Hello, If i were to use the feedback designer it would be to allow my customers to report bugs that they detect in the website. Is there currently a way to allow the user to know when you have completed a feedback task. Like when you check through the feedback is there a way to acknowledge that you have come across their issue.

    A: No, the feedback form is not a ticketing system, however we are building both an MS CRM integration module and ticketing system now. However this will still be a few months away.

  • Q: I just purchased this module and made a form. When I tested it I got a message at the top of the form I was trying to submit that my SMTP host was not specified. What is this and how do I fix?

    A: Good help online for understanding SMTP. http://www.interactivewebs.com.au/feedbackdesigner/Help/tabid/221/language/en-AU/Default.aspx

  • Q: quick question, I want to know if this mod would work for what I am trying to do. All I want to do is add this module to my home page and have one field: Email and have the button say "Subscibe", and use it as an email subscriber. That way all of the emails will go to the database and I can download the excel sheet and import them into our email/newsletter program. Could I set it up so I don't receive an email at all, and just have it go to the database? Would your module work for this?

    A: That would work, and in around 3 weeks we will be releasing a module that will allow you to create a user registration just from an email address. Among other more advanced things.

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We have aimed to simplify our license system for this product.

This module will require 1 license per sub domain.

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Lots of options with this module.
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Simple and effective. easy to use and support is efficient.
Posted 3/15/2014
Rian B says... 5 5.0
Excellent product! Just works with lots of options and customizations should you need it.
Posted 4/17/2012
Nafees A says... 4 4.0
Product is great but don't expect too much of help...
Posted 12/30/2011
Dustin P says... 5 5.0
I have been using this module for sometime now, very easy to use, easy for clients to use and works well. Nothing fancy but full of all the features... Show More
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