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Fancy Content Rotator - (A Multi-mode Slider)

posted by DnnZone - 8/13/2011
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A new interactive slider module by DnnZone. It can show heading, sub-heading and description in each slide using thumbnail or slider view mode. In slider view an extra (optional) description field is displayed in nice scrolling area. Navigation arrows work according to the selected view. Module 22769
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Fancy Content Rotator is a new interactive slider module by DnnZone. It shows images with a heading, sub-heading and description in each slide. Slider has two view modes:

  1. Thumbnail View
  2. Slider View

You can choose the default view from module settings. Once slider is loaded, mode can be switched using a toggle buttom at the bottom.

In slider view an extra (optional) description field is displayed in nice scrolling area. Navigation arrows work according to the slider mode. 

You can upload images and other information from Module edit section and specify the order of display. Optional URL can also be specified for each slide 

jQuery 1.5+ This module requires jQuery 1.5+, please make sure jQuery 1.5+ is available in your DNN portal or select Include jQuery from module settings page.
View module in action
View blog post on how to install and use this module
Supported DotNetNuke Versions
  • DNN 04.xx.xx
  • DNN 05.xx.xx
  • DNN 06.xx.xx
Details about available module settings
Uploading Multiple Images (zip upload) This module supports uploading multiple images in the form of zip file. You can create a zip file of your images on your local computer. Manage Images has an option for zip upload. All images in the zip file will be linked with the module in a one step process.
Multiple Module Instances This module does not support multiple instances on the same page. We are trying to get this fixed in the next version.
Browser Support: Might not work on IE 6 and below

Might not work on IE 6 and below

You can review the product terms and license details here.

Module Configuration:

You can customize the settings for this module, including:

  • Randomize Items
  • Open Thumbnails (Select to show thumbnail view on load)
  • Auto Play
  • Auto Play Delay
  • Numbe of Thumbnails
  • Dimensions
    • Width
    • Height
  • Border Width (0-10)
  • Alignment
    • Left
    • Center
    • Right

Browser Support:

This module might not work properly on IE 6

Live Demo:

You can access live demo here

Following screenshots describe the functionality of this module:


Module Settings Page:

Module Settings

Manage Images:

Manage Images

Manage Images

Fancy Content Rotator - Thumbnails View:

Thumbnails View

Fancy Content Rotator - Slider View:

Slider View

You can find a blog post on how to use this module here.


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Salem K says... 5 5.0
I must say the developer of this module has been awesome, I asked over 5 questions prior to purchasing the module, not only it was answered promptly... Show More
Posted 1/9/2012
Omer F says... 5 5.0
I am not writing this review to tell about how this module works exactly as specified, or how easy and simple it is, or even about the competitive... Show More
Posted 12/21/2011