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Event Calendar 1.0

posted by iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. - 12/12/2018
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Events Calendar is to create events using text editor and to display. Event Calendar is our latest events management and providing solution for DotNetNuke. Module 38631


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iFour Technolab Pvt Ltd is a DNN software development company with expertise in DNN web development and custom software development using .NET technologies. Visit us: http://www.ifourtechnolab.com

Event Calendar allows you to publish one-time events and recurring events on DNN websites.

Fully written in C# and jQuery, fully localized.

Works on various kinds of websites like libraries, church, museums, stadiums, school, seminar etc..

A menu bar display on the top side allows you to easily navigate through all management pages.

Template driven, you can customize the Light view calendar to change its appearance  

In the Event calendar, we provide two different views. 1) Simple list view 2) Light view calendar


Module setting:

1) Light view calendar:

  • Light view calendar provide upcoming event list and current running event list
  • We provide dynamically color change functionality as per DNN site theme.
  • If same day multiple events running then we redirect to that day of the event list.
  • We provide the functionality of no. of upcoming event displays.
  • We provide show/hide functionality of the upcoming event.
  • Hover cursor on event display a nice tooltip with the event name.


2) Simple list view :

  • Simple list calendar provide upcoming event list and current running event list
  • We provide the functionality of the upcoming event with current month only or feature event also.
  • List view feature event divides month wise.
  • Dynamically change list view paging size.



  • Dynamically create the category and select category with a particular event.
  • Each category can be assigned a theme color, the color will be displayed in the category selection area.

Event Management :

  • Event Calendar allows you to create one-time events and recurring events.
  • Each event can be one category.
  • Event Calendar supports featured events.
  • An event can last a few hours, a day or a few days.
  • Allows you to recur an event Periodically, Weekly or Monthly.
  • Automatically identifies the start date of an event, if an event first happens on Monday, 10th December 2018, Then the Monthly recurring pattern allows you to recur this event on the same day every January, OR the 2nd Monday of every January.
  • A stop date can be assigned to each recurring event.
  • Special recurring dates are supported when creating recurring events.
  • An event logo can be assigned to every event and event logo must be upload before submitting an event.
  • Automatically event hide after event start and end time gone.
  • The event calendar provides a detail page of the event, show you can show full detail of the event.
  • Visitors can share an event through social share links to Facebook, Twitter.

Recurring events :

  • Event Calendar allows you to easily create one-time events and recurring events. If an event first happens on Tuesday, 11th December 2018, Event Calendar allows you to recursive this event every Tuesday, 11th day of every month, or 2nd Tuesday of every month.
  • Recurring event dynamically set how many months you create an event. i.e. I create the event on Tuesday, 11th December 2018, and I select recursive monthly event. Now in the module setting, I select a 3-month recursive event. After setting this setting we will create a new event with the upcoming three months.
  • Same functionality in per periodically and weekly recursive event.

Event Calendar Look and Feel:


Front View (Light View Mode):

Event Detail view: