Dynamic Data table

posted by iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. - 7/4/2017
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Dynamic Data Table is one of the easiest module to use, even if you are new in DNN. Dynamic data table you can easily work with tables and database management. Module 37304


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Feature :

  1. DNN 7x Compatible.
  2. DNN 8x Compatible.
  3. DNN 9x Compatible.
  4. Table are created just write sql query on setting page. 
  5. Pull data from SQL database.
  6. Export data into Copy,CSV,Excel,PDF and Print.
  7. Permission for Copy,CSV,Excel,PDF and Print for security purpose from setting page.
  8. It is easy to create dynamic table in your DNN site.
  9. Filtering data using Search bar.
  10. Provide ascending and descending order facilty by clicking on column header.
  11. Show limited amount of entries.
  12. Browser Tested.

1. Front view:

2. Print Table : 

3.Search Functionality :

4.Admin Setting :