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DNNSmart Super Form 4.8.5 - Multi Steps Form, Dynamic Forms, Payment Form, Responsive, Contact, DNN9

posted by DNNSmart.net - 9/16/2021
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DNNSmart Super Form is a powerful and flexible form module and you can learn how to use it very quickly. It can allow to add several steps in the backend and configure how many feilds in each step and field type. By using this module, you can custom template of each step and e-mail template. Module 41608
  • $79.99 Standard (One DNN portal)
  • $239.99 Professional (Multiple portals within one DNN installation/instance)
  • $399.99 Enterprise (Unlimited DNN installations and portals)
  • $799.99 Enterprise+ w/Source (Unlimited,Source Code)
    1 Year Free Upgrade & Support; All licenses are perpetual. Upgrade & support can be extended before it expires at 50% of a new license.


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A Must-have
Form Builder
Are you worried about marketing, surveys, contact forms and understanding your customer needs for your business? Please rest assured, DNNSmart Super Form module can help you settle all of these as easy as blowing off dust.
Why DNNSmart Super Form?
Rich And Powerful Functions
Since it has been released in Feb 2011, it has collected many creative functions, some of which come from our customers' suggestions and we want to thank all of them.
Low Learning Cost
For most functions, you don't even need to read the documentation to understand how to use them.
Super Cost-effective
This module contains all functions without additional add-on charges, you only need this form builder without installing additional add-on.
High Stability
10000+ people have purchased this module, and there is almost no bug reported at present.
Complete Documents
Almost every function has a corresponding supporting document or article description.
Reliable Support
If you have any need or question, we can reply you within 12 hours.
All In One Form Builder
Responsive Form
Forms can automatically adjust to screen size to perfectly display on any device just as Desktops, Tablets or Mobile Phones.
Multi Step Forms
You can split long forms in multiple step wizard with an easy navigation. Step numbers and titles will be included in the navigation bar.
View Demo
Calculation Form
You can create one flexible calculation form which can be used to calculate one total amount.
View Demo
Popup Form
After users click the button on the page, one form will pop-up to the middle of the page.
View Demo
Slidedown Form
After users click "Submit Form" button on the top of webpage, form will slide out from the top smoothly.
View Demo
Slideout Form
After users click suspending button on the side of webpage, form will slide out from the side smoothly.
View Demo
Localization Form
You can create forms in multiple languages, the form will fully support localization including any element, email template on the interface and so on.
Payment Form
This is an upgrade version of Calculation Form. Users can calculate one price through this form and then make payment.
View Demo How To Config
Registration Form
You can configure one registration form. After visitors submit information successfully, visitors will be registered as website users.
View Demo How To Config
Core Features
Submit History
For this feature, it allows admin to view history records of all data submitted by all users.
Print Form
After enabling this feature, form submitters can print their own forms by clicking "Print" button.
Bulk Import Fields
You can edit fields in a CSV file and import the fields in CSV in batches.
Redirect After Submitting
It can be configured to display one piece of information or redirect to one URL after users submit the form.
Export Data To CSV
In Super Form module back-end, admin can view all data submitted by users and export these data as CSV file.
Load Data From Url Parameter
Super Form module can read from values of URL parameters.
Add Email Attachment
Uploaded file in Super Form module can be included as attachment in the email sent to submitters or email receiver.
Clear Expired History
In the module back-end, you can configure it automatically clears all submission history before how many days.
Resize Uploaded Images
Uploaded images through Super Form module can be resized through defining width and height.
Load User Profile
As long as title of field and User Profile is the same, Textbox field of the form will automatically load Profile information of log-in users.
Multiple Control Types
When you add fields in the Super Form module back-end, there are 13 kinds of predefined controls which can be chosen by you.
Captcha Feature
In the module back-end, there’s one option to enable captcha function. Super Form module uses DNN Captcha control and it can protect the form from automated submissions.
Assign Roles
Admin can go to Super Form module back-end and configure logged-on users being assigned to some roles after submitting form successfully.
Limit Duplicate Submissions
If you don't want users to submit the form repeatedly, you can restrict the same user or the same IP address to submit forms only once.
Data Encryption Storage
If you check the "Encrypt Submitted Data" option, the data submitted by the user will be encrypted and stored in the database. Improve data security.
Export Submit Content To ICS
After users submit the form, data of the form will be exported as an ics file and sent to the recipient. In that case, the mail recipient can easily import the file in Google or outlook calendar.
Collect UTM Parameters
When the user submits the form, the parameter specified in the URL and its values will be saved. If you add [utmdata] token in the email template, this parameter and its values will be displayed in the email.
Record Privacy Info
After users submit the form, the admin can control whether to record private information such as IP & Country of them. As laws in some countries don't allow programs to collect user privacy information, admin can determine whether to enable this feature by an option.
Send Emails
When users submit a form, a form content email or an auto reply email can be configured to send to form submitters or email receivers. Form content email contains all submitted data and auto reply email is well defined.
Save & Restore Form
Allow your users to save their form and resume at a later time. When users come back and want to finish filling out the form next time, they just need to click one "Restore Form“ button to restore the form and proceed.
Custom Appearance
In order to help the form match your site design, you can customize the look and feel of form through creating a theme for our form module. In module back-end, you can upload, edit, export or delete themes.
Validator Types
When you add fields, there are 10 kinds of predefined control types which can be chosen.
Reset Feature
If you click “Reset” button, the form will be reset and all your previously filled data will be cleared.
Multiple Payment Gateways
Currently, it supports paypal, Authorize.Net and stripe payment gateways.
Execute Sql Queries
In the super form module back-end, you can define one piece of sql query. After users submit the form, this piece of sql query will be executed.
Send Web Request
You can configure the super form module to send data to one URL as "POST" or "GET" type after users submit the form.
Read from SQL query
Four kinds of controls support the feature of writing a piece of SQL query to read data from data table. They are dropdownlist, checkbox list, radiobutton list and listbox.
Export & Import Configration
When you finish configuring Super Form module on the first site and you also need the same form configuration on another site, this function will be useful for you.
Load Profile Information
After the user logs in the site, the information in the user profile will automatically load in the form.
Export Submit Content To PDF
After users submit the form, data of the form will be exported as a pdf file and sent to the recipient.
Subtotal Payment Form
This is an extension of the payment form function, users can calculate a subtotal based on the price of all fields included in a group.
Date Diff Field Type
This field allows you to calculate the difference between the two dates, allowing the form to support functions such as house rental.
Google reCAPTCHA
It applies Google's secure and powerful man-machine identification plug-in, which can prevent from submitting forms maliciously.
Custom Layouts
You can achieve form layout as you want. In manage templates section, you can define all templates through loading default templates or manually writing HTML templates.
Display Submitted Data
After users finish submitting form, data submitted will display as list mode. This feature is similar with DNN core Form And List module, but it’s more flexible and powerful.
Some Screenshots
Quickly browse some front-end and back-end screenshots of our module,
which can help you evaluate our module more quickly.
What's new in 4.8.5?
  • Added "Google reCAPTCHA" verification function, you can choose whether to use DNN Captcha or Google reCAPTCHA. View Demo | How To Config
  • Added Authorize.Net payment method. How To Config
  • Added the "Encrypt Submitted Data" option. After checking this option, the submitted or updated data will be encrypted and stored in the database. If you want to strengthen data security, you can turn on this option.
  • Added "Display User's Own Records" option in SuperForm_View module. If this option is not checked, the foreground will display all the submitted records of the module by default. If this option is checked, the user can only see the records submitted by himself, and the administrator can see all the records.
  • Beautify the interface of the module.
  • Add more help information to the interface to improve user experience.
License & Support & Upgrade Policy

Single one DNN
portal installation

Free upgrade &
support within one year

Source code is
not included.

Redistribution is not permitted.


All portals within
one DNN instance

Free upgrade &
support within one year

Source code is
not included.

Redistribution is not permitted.


DNN instances

Free upgrade &
support within one year

Source code is
not included.

Redistribution is not permitted.


DNN instances

Free upgrade &
support within one year

Source code is

Redistribution is not permitted.

Free upgrade & support within one year

You can freely upgrade to all new versions we publish within one year after your purchase. No matter which version you purchased, we can provide free support within one year.

Pay for upgrade & support when your purchase is over one year.

When your purchase is over one year, you can pay half cost of purchased version to extend the following one year's upgrade & Support.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I get trial version?
Please go here https://www.dnnsmart.net/en-us/dnnmodules/superform/superformtrial.aspx and download trial version, it’s a 30 day free trial.
Where can I find documentation?
https://dnnsmart.net/userManual/superform/Index.html, user manual of all our modules could be found here.
Where can I get support?
Please contact us through email and our email account is [email protected], we will reply within 12 hours.
Can I extend my trial?
Yes, please contact us through email, our email account is [email protected]
Are there any limitations with trial?
No, trial version has all the same functions with our production version.
Can I have one license for dev or staging site?
Of course you can, please contact us through email and our email account is [email protected]
When I purchase the module, will I lose all settings which I make during the trial?
Certainly not, all you need to do is to activate the module after you make the purchase.
Can I transfer the license from current site to a new site?
Of course you can, please contact us through email and our email account is [email protected]
Can I upgrade to different license type later?
If your purchase was made within the past 6 months, you only need to pay price difference to upgrade to a higher tier (and more value-packed) license. Please contact us through email and our email account is [email protected], we will give you instructions on how to operate.
If I upgrade my DNN version, do I also need to upgrade your module?
We suggest that you could upgrade our module to the latest version as we test and optimize for latest DNN version.
Contact Us
If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can send an email to us or submit a question on our site.

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Michael S says... 5 5.0
Easy to setup and use
Posted 3/9/2016
Michael S says... 5 5.0
Easy to setup and use
Posted 3/9/2016
Renee C says... 5 5.0
We have used the Super Form Module on many of our client's site for event registration, purchasing sponsorships, purchasing products, etc.
Posted 7/28/2015
says... 5 5.0
I've used this on a number of portals. Super flexible, easy to modify. Stable, no bugs. The best Form module I've used.
Posted 6/11/2015
says... 4 4.0
I used it to collect data from visitors. It did the job just fine.
Posted 4/29/2015

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