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DNNSmart Super Form is a powerful and flexible form module and you can learn how to use it very quickly. It can allow to add several steps in the backend and configure how many feilds in each step and field type. By using this module, you can custom template of each step and e-mail template. Module 35036
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DNNSmart Super Form is a powerful and flexible form module and you can learn how to use it very quickly. It can allow to add several steps in the backend and configure how many feilds in each step and field type. By using this module, you can custom template of each step and e-mail template. It has a intuitive User interface that helps you to create forms easily. You can setup one payment form, responsive form, localization form, slideout form, popup form and so on through using this module.
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What's new in 4.0.3
  • Optimized module interface.
  • Optimized code of the module.
  • Improved user experience.
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How To Use
1. How to set up a simple form
2. How to set up a payment form
3. How to adjust form layout
4. How to restore & backup config
5. How to use Execute SQL feature
6. How to use Web Request feature
7. How to create a register form
8. How to read data from SQL query
9. How to make form achieve localization
DNNSmart.SuperForm Module Features
Basic Features
Responsive Form
Form can support responsive and form will look suitable in any device.
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Multiple Steps
You can add several steps in the backend and configure how many fields in each step.
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Custom Form Layout
It can allow to custom template of each step.
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Multiple Control Types
When you add fields in the back-end, there are 11 kinds of control types which can be chosen by you.
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Notify Submitter
If select option "Email(Notify)", the form submitter will receive a email contain submit data.
Auto Reply Email
When submitters submit a form, system will send one e-mail which is defined well in module backend to submitters automatically.
Export Data To CSV
In module back-end, you can view data submitted by users and export these data as CSV file.
Export Configration
When you spend much time on configuration on the site and you also need to apply this module configuration on another site, this function will be useful for you.
You can configure to enbale Captcha or not.
Redirect After Submitting
You can configure to display one piece of information or redirect to one URL after users submit form.
Manage Templates
In the back-end, you can manage all kinds of templates, you can achieve form layout as you want through modifying templates.
Manage Themes
You can upload, edit, export and delete themes. You can create a new Theme through these functions.
Reset Button
Added option "Display Reset Button". After clicking "Reset Button", form will be reset.
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Validator Types
When you add fields in the back-end, there are 10 kinds of control types which can be chosen by you.
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Advanced Features
Confirm Page
We added option "Display Confirm Page". If this option is enabled, it will be redirected to confirmation page before users submit form.
Slideout Form
After users click suspending button on the side of webpage, form will slide out from the side smoothly.
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Popup Form
After users click button on the page, one form will pop-up to the middle of the page.
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Slidedown Form
After users click "Submit Form" button on the top of webpage, form will slide out from the top smoothly.
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Localization Form
This form can fully support localization including any element, email template on the interface and so on.
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Register Form
In the back-end, you can configure form as one registration form. After visitors submit information, visitors will be registered as website users.
Calculate Form
You can create one flexible calculate form which can be used to calculate one total amount.
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Payment Form
This is upgrade version of Calculate Form. Users can calculate one price through this form and then make payment.
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Save & Restore Form
When registered users fill form on the half way, users can keep form temporarily. Then users reply next time, the form will proceed being filled out.
Execute Sql
In the back-end, you can define one piece of sql query. After users submit form, this piece of sql query will be executed.
Send Web Request
After submitting form, you can configure it to send data to one URL as "POST" or "GET" type.
Read data from SQL query
Dropdown list, checkbox list, radiobutton list and listbox these four kinds of controls can support this feature.
Print Form
After enabling this feature, form submitters can print their own forms through clicking "Print" button.
Assign Roles
Admin can go to module back-end and configure logged-on users being assigned to some roles after submitting form.
Load Data By Url Parameter
Added "Load Default Content By Url Parameter" option, form can read content through URL Parameters.
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DNNSmart.SuperForm_View Module Features
DNNSmart.SuperForm_View module is one extension module of DNNSmart.SuperForm module. The function of this module is to display submitted data from DNNSmart.SuperForm module. In front-end, data will display as list mode. This feature is similar with DNN core Form And List module, but DNNSmart.SuperForm_View module is more flexible and powerful.
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  • You can custom Item Template and Detail Template.
  • You can edit each item of data.
  • You can configure page size of List.
  • You can configure repeat direction of List and Repeat Columns of List.
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Demo Screenshot
1. Responsive Form responsive form 2. Multi Step Form multi steps form
3. Custom Form Layout custom form layout
4. Payment Form payment form 5. Popup Form popup form
6. Calculate Form calculate form 7. Localization Form localization form
8. Slidedown Form slidedown form 9. Slideout Form slideout form
10. Group Form group form 11. Validator Types validator types
12. Load data by url parameter load data by url parameter 13. SuperForm_View Module superform_view module
14. Send email to different departments responsive form 15. SuperForm_View Module: Table Mode responsive form
Client Reviews Of Old Versions
James C says... 5 5.0
I was testing out several form applications and tested several, when i got to Super form. Needless to say i was done testing. i love the interface and ease of custom-ability. I had a form up and testing in no time at all. Before you buy any form module you gotta give this one a try!
Posted 11/29/2011
John B says... 5 5.0
Candice and her team at dnnsmart.Net are great. Support is excellent. Activation codes are prompt. Will be a continued loyal customer. Module customizations are quickly turned around. All in ALL Excellent DNN coding company.
Posted 12/28/2011
Patrick C says... 5 5.0
This module is awesome! With full features, it's easy to use, even if the forms are complex.
Posted 6/17/2012
Antony G says... 4 4.0
Could be more intuitive but once you know it, it does a great job ! Role creation is a missing option...
Posted 4/18/2012
Joseph B says... 5 5.0
I have purchased a lot of different modules for many years on here and the team at dnnsmart are by far some of the best support I have ever received, and their products are wonderful. I have several of their modules, and I am constantly amazed at how quickly they respond to my questions and how good they are at taking care of my issues. Excellent modules, excellent support...what else is there to say? Highly recommended!
Posted 3/15/2012
Technical Specifications
Module Backend: C#
Data Base: Compatible with SQL Server 2000 and above. SQL Azure database
DNN Version: Compatible with 5.x, 6.x, 7.x
.NET Framework: 2.0+
Azure Compatible: Yes
License Instruction
Standard version: You can use this module on only one portal within one DNN instance, this portal can be main portal or sub portal. You can get free updates and new versions unlimitedly after you purchase it.
Professional version: You can use this module on one DNN instance with multiple portals. You can get free updates and new versions unlimitedly after you purchase it.
Enterprise version: You can use this module without any limit. It means that you can use this module on multiple portals and multiple DNN instances and servers. After you purchase it, you can get free updates and new versions within one year. From the second year on, you need to pay half of enterprise cost each year to get updates and new versions.

Please note, you can’t redistribute our modules. If you need source code of this module to do changes on your end, you can contact us and purchase source code from us.

Before you purchase it, please download trial version and play with it in order to know if it can meet your need. After you purchase this module, we won't give refund if there isn't any bug which we can't resolve. If you have any question or suggestion as well as requesting technical support, you can send email to [email protected]. We look forward to your emails.
Trial Standard Professional Enterprise Source
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Source No No No No Yes
Free Update No Unlimited Unlimited 1 Year 1 Year
Instal License 30 day's free trial 1 Portal Installation Multiple portals within a DNN instance Unlimited Unlimited
Redistribution Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted