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posted by DNNInfo - 12/1/2018
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With DNNInfoNV Classified Module you can easily build business directory, jobs listings, car listings or real estate listings. Module 38614
  • $299.95 Standard Edition (1 Domain Name or 1 Sub Domain)
  • $899.95 Enterprise Edition (Unlimited Installs)
  • $1,199.95 Enterprise + Source Edition (Unlimited Installs)


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  • Module Description

    With DNNInfoNV Classified Module you can run 4 different types of classified together into one website. With advanced features such as manageable form fields, template customization and advanced settings via administration control panel, this classified module will be perfectly suitable for your website. With our module, you can easily build business directory, jobs listings, car listings or real estate listings.

    We offer 30 days free trial. Feel free to try our module before purchasing to make sure the module suits to your site requirement. To start the trial, you can download our module from the following link.

    DNNInfoNV Classified Module Features
    Classified Packages

    Create and define your own classified packages so each classified listing will have their own fields and properties. For example: You may want to create 3 classified types which can be Standard, Silver or Gold Package. Each package may have different number of images, videos, or coupons that can be uploaded.

    Classified Forms

    The module allows you to define your own classified form fields. You can have a unique form fields for specific classified package. You can sort the position of the form fields easily by drag and drop.

    Google Map

    With the built in Google Map, it will helps your site visitors find easily the location of listing location. DNNInfoNV Classified module can automatically fetch the geolocation of your listing address.

    Youtube Videos

    Add more interactive information on your listing by allowing advertiser to upload their Youtube Videos. You can nominated how many Youtube videos advertiser can link into their listing.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    All of the listing site URL have been renamed and use friendly URL for better SEO visiblity. The module also allows an option to include Facebook and Twitter meta tags for better visibility.

    Ownership Request

    The module allows anonymous user to claim a published listing. User is required to fill in a form and send the ownership request to admin. Admin will have the option to accept or reject the ownership listing request. Note: Ownership request listing only available for Generic Classified type.

    Listing Comments

    You can enable listing comments in DNNInfoNV Classified module. All posting comments will be verified by administrator whether they will be accepted or rejected. Listing Owners can be notified if there is a new comment has posted.

    Listing Ratings

    The module allows anonymous / registered user to post a rating to published listings. Admin has the authority to accept or reject the request ratings.

    Design your own templates

    You can easily design your own templates to match with your current site appearance. We use Bootstrap Framework for our default CSS. You can easily customize your listing templates, listing details templates, category templates, email templates etc.

    Each module will have their own skin/template folder. If you do not like the default skin template, you can easily create your own skin template. This is recommended because when you perform an upgrade of the module, the default skin template will always be overwritten by the update installation package.


    Receive and make payments easily using PayPal Express Checkout. You can also allow other manual payments such as Bank Direct Deposit or Money Cheque.

    Listing Categories

    The module allows you to organise your listings in categories. You can create unlimited categories with subcategories option. You can also add image into a category and specify the SEO meta tags information.

    DNN Scheduler

    The module implements DNN Scheduler tasks to send email notification and reminder.

    Web API & Javascripts

    The module focus heavily in DNN WebAPI and Javascripts, you will easily notice the performance of the module is amazingly fast. Most of the heavy works are done via JSON javascript through DNN API.

    Listing Enquiry

    To help your advertiser, the module has a built in Enquiry Form so visitor can directly send an enquiry to the listing owner.

    Email to Friend

    If you find any interesting listing, you can easily share the listing information with your friend by installing the built-in Email to Friend module.

    Free Modules
    Page Meta Tags Module

    Use this free module to set your site pages meta tags easily. All pages information are retrieved and saved using DNN Web API.

    User Impersonator Module

    Do you need to login as one of your DNN site user? You can easily use this module to impersonate the user and login as them.

    Demo for Testing

    We offer free Demo sites for you to test before purchasing. There are 4 available demo sites to test for each classified. Please use the following details to login on the site.

    To login as administrator account please use the following login details. Administator account will give you access to Control Panel module.


    To login as member account please select one of the following available username. All the member accounts use the same password.

    demomember, demomember2, demomember3, demomember4, demomember5
    Generic Classified

    Generic classified type is good to choose if you want to build a directory or business listing sites. It can also be used for articles or event listings.

    Car Classified

    Car classified type is used for creating car classified listings. To save your times, we have included a list of popular car makes and models.

    Job Classified

    Job Classified type is used for creating job classified listings. A list of job categories and subcategories have been included as well. You can easily import those categories.

    Property Classified

    Use this classified type if you want to create a property listing website. The module allows real estate agents to manage and promote their properties listings.

    Live sites

    Our modules have been designed to be flexible and easy to use. Here is a list of live sites use the powerful DNNInfoNV Classified modules to create dynamic and cool sites in instance. Let us know, If you have sites that you build using DNNInfoNV Classified modules and want to be part of our module showcase.

    Templatesify.com is a directory site for sharing free individual works such as Free HTML templates, DNN Modules, DNN Skins, Bootstrap Templates, Free Graphics and much more.

    Recipetoshare.com is a free site for sharing recipe and travel ideas. People who loves travel may want to share the best restaurants or places to visit with others.

    Available License Types
    Single Domain/Subdomain Install
    • *1 year or 3 increment version releases
    • Free support via email
    • One Domain/Subdomain Install
    • No Source Codes
    Unlimited Installs
    • *1 year or 3 increment version releases
    • Free support via email
    • Unlimited Installs
    • No Source Codes
    Source Code
    Unlimited Installs + Source Code
    • *1 year or 3 increment version releases
    • Free support via email
    • Unlimited Installs
    • Source Codes Included
    * The free upgrade will apply for 1 year or the next 3 upgrade version. For example, if in 2 years, the upgrade version released is only two times. You will still get the free upgrade.
    Release Notes
    Version 2.2.0 (2 Dec 2018)
    • Fix the issue with packages roles if only one role has been assigned to a classified package, it will not be displayed when user create a new or renewal listing.
    • Fix the issue with IE browser, where some of javascript files using arrow function.
    • Add Free Module - Page Meta Tags module. This module allows you to quickly change the meta tags of your page sites.
    • Add Free Module - User Impersonator. This module allows you to impersonate other users easily in DNN portal.
    • Add option to hide State and City search field in Generic Search Side Panel module.
    • Fix admin users screen where it returns duplicate user records.
    Version 2.1.1 (25 Nov 2018)
    • Fix the categories import data option that have caused the xml file cannot be propery generated
    • The export and import now includes the categories and property features.
    Version 2.1.0 (23 Nov 2018)
    • There is now an option to remove the accents text in the url. This setting is now called RemoveURLAccents. You can edit this value (boolean) in All Settings page.
    • Add category filter options in Generic, Cars, Properties and Jobs listing module setting screen.
    • Fix the issue with file allocation when generate the sitemap xml file when there are multiple portals.
    • Fix getting the sitemap files if there are no sitemap xml files generated.
    • Fix the default combobox selection that the default selection is not selected when creating a new listing.
    • Fix the edit listing screen where there is no template of classified being defined. A javascript variable is missing or not defined.
    • Add features for export and import data. The import data is available via xml file only. There will be more improvement provided in the future to be able to import all of the relevant data. As at the moment, the data is limited to basic information only.
    Version 2.0.0 (01 Oct 2018)
    • Fix the company field that is not saved properly in the database.
    • Add keyword field in SEO Category. When add or edit a category, you can now specify the category seo keyword.
    • Fix the grid display in settings where it display wrong category setting.
    • Add a check update module version. Admin can turn this option off via Settings screen.
    • Summary description and description field is no longer a field system in the classified form. Admin now can remove both of those fields from classified form template.
    • Admin can now turn on/off text editor option for Summary Description, Description and TextArea fields.
    • Display the price field in currency format.
    • Fix the issue in loading the listing page when selecting a classified type.
    • Allow random listings in Quick List Settings.
    • Auto selected classified type when adding category only if one classified type is enabled.
    • Disable the accents character symbols removal when converting a friendly url string.
    Version 1.9.0 (24 Aug 2018)
    • Add role option in classified packages. You can now limited classified packages to specific roles.
    • Add keyword field in SEO Listings. In Listing settings, you can now specify the search and details listing SEO.
    Version 1.8.0 (17 Jul 2018)
    • Fix property search by property type which looking up wrong field in the database.
    • Fix issue when adding a new price range and only 1 classified type is enabled caused the grid does not display any data.
    • Fix issue with user profile. User profile will be automatically created if not exists when creating or updating a listing.
    • Fix issue with module listing settings, where the show banner checkbox is always ticked even has been marked as unticked.
    • Fix the settings issue.
    Version 1.7.0 (4 May 2018)
    • Enable filter in the seo listing. Admin can now filter any empty seo tags listings for easy update.
    • Fix the popup transparent background css to fixed position rather than absolute position.
    • Add listing ownership feature. Admin can now remove or link a user into a listing ownership.
    • Free license key has been removed due to extra modules have been added into the classified package. The removal will start from version v.1.7.0
    • Fix issue when change the country in the classified form, it does not load states.
    • Fix issue of when getting and updating user profile.
    • Fix issue of when there is no default country set in the main setting which has caused a javascript error issue.
    • Fix issue of displaying classified templates in the template combo box in the listing settings page when in used in multiple portals.
    • Fix issue in displaying listing enquiries in control panel. Where it only load the enquiries based on the current user login rather than all listing enquiries.
    • Post query via Javascript to API has been encrypted for better security protection.
    • Javascript source files have been obfuscated as well for better security protection.
    Version 1.6.0 (17 Apr 2018)
    • Hide keyword statistics in member panel as it is not relevant to specific listings therefore it can't be applied or viewed by member.
    • Fix listing statistic in member panel dashboard.
    • Fix download cover letter and resume letter in member panel.
    Version 1.5.0 (7 Apr 2018)
    • Hash the password in the SMTP Tester field.
    • Fix scheduling email issue when using free license.
    Version 1.4.0 (5 Apr 2018)
    • Add the missing token {PUBLISHEDDATE} AND {USERNAME}.
    • Fix the classified package sort index that is not saved properly.
    • Include username field in the Get Listing stored procedure for Generic, Cars, Properties and Jobs. 
    • Fix email issue that is not sent to admin, visitor and advertiser for job applicant page.
    • Change to 20 records statistic information for dashboard admin and member page.
    • Add clearboth css class that will fix any float issue such as uploading job resume and coverletter.
    • Fix scheduling issue that pointed to wrong namespace.
    Version 1.3.0 (19 Mar 2018)
    • Fix the SEO Listing update.
    • Fix the classified package deletion.
    • Add option delete more than one record to most of the admin pages.
    • Option to save the custom sitemaps. So admin can regenerate the sitemap if needed.
    Version 1.2.0 (8 Mar 2018)
    • Fix the package sort index value when add or edit a classified package.
    • In the listing list if hide list setting is ticked, the no of record labels still displayed. This has now been fixed.
    • Tidy up the OG URL facebook url to be more friendly url.
    • Fix the token {VIEWS} that points to the wrong field.
    • Add the token {HITS} and {COMMENTS}.
    • Fix the get property listings query in Property List module. 
    • Add additonal sql query in Car List, Generic List, Property List and Job List Module.
    • Add extra two fields into listings which are Likes and Comments.
    • Add likes listing option.
    • Add default quick listing settings value.
    • Fix the module settings that show the banner combo box for Generic, Cars and Property module.
    • Add extra tokens available in the Classified Template screen page.
    • Fix the issue when generating the properties sitemap.
    • Add feature to view existing generated sitemap lists with option to delete the sitemap.
    • Add option to generate custom sitemap for details listing page.
    • Add the twitter image url for SEO.
    • Fix the admin dashboard statistics. Instead of display today statistic, it displayed for whole history.
    Version 1.1.0 (22 Feb 2018)
    • Fix edit category parent issue. When edit a subcategory, the category parent is not populated.
    • Fix the issue when click the reset button in admin categories. If only has one classified type enable. The combo categories for parent category is empty. It should be default to the classified type enabled.
    • Fix the view list options to be sorted by List Sort Index first.
    • Fix the issue on the listing form when there is no payment required, it should hide the payment section.
    • Add option to load bootstrap css framework based on 3 conditions which are No Load, Load only for Control Panel and Member Only, or Load for all classified modules.
    • Add Category Description in Category Table.
    • Add a new table to link category to classified package.
    • Add option to expand all subcategories in Categories module.
    • Fix the issue in Categories module where it show double of no listing records linked to the category.
    • Auto replace image listing that is not available to no image picture.
    • Fix TEXTLINK and TEXTFIELD tokens template, where it use lowercase rather than full Uppercase token.
    • Fix Issue with PAGING URL INDEX if admin enable lower case url.
    • Add option in Classified List settings, so user can set a how many records they want to show per page. This option will only be applied if checkbox show filter is unticked.
    • Fix issue saving email template when the recipient is sent to Advertiser. User cannot save due to email to is required and this field is not visible. 
    • Add default listing and details pages for classifieds which will be used for sitemap, emails, etc. 
    • Add option to allow user to add a listing to favourite. 
    • Fix issue with required multiple categories. It was ignoring any required categories.
    • Add Free License key option for user.
    • Change the password field to password, so the password is not visible.
    Version 1.0.0 (10 Jan 2018)
    • Initial release.

    In order to run the module properly, you are required to meet the following requirements

    1. DNN Version 7.2.1 or above.
    2. SQL Server 2008 or above.
    3. IIS 7.0 or above.
    License and Terms of Use
    1. DNNInfoNV Classified module is not an open source module, therefore You are not permitted to sell, sublicense, or distribute to any third party without our permission.
    2. Our software is provided as is, without warranty or any kind, including without limitation the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. In no event shall the authors or copyright holders be liable for any claim, damages, or other liability, whether in contract, strict liability, or tort arising in any use or dealings with this software.
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