DNNBackup 8.1.2 - Backup, Restore and Clone DNN and Evoq Installations

posted by evotiva - 7/18/2017
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DNNBackup allows you to backup, restore and clone (to/from S3, Azure, FTP, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive,..) complete DNN and Evoq Installation. The restore can be made back to the source server or to a new destination. It works on ANY ISP, including Azure and shared servers like PowerDNN and GoDaddy. Module 37340
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Evotiva DNNBackup - Complete Backup and Restore for DNN and Evoq Installations

DNNBackup provides full backup and restore
of any DNN or Evoq Installation (complete instances). The restore can be made back to the source server or to a new destination.

DNNBackup is perfect for moving DNN installations from your local development machine to a deployment server, from a remote server to another remote server or for archival purposes.  Power users are free to customize many options.

This Backup and Restore DNN module works on ANY ISP, including Azure and shared servers like PowerDNN and GoDaddy. Power users can customize many options.

DNNBackup is the evolution of BackupNative and BackupScript modules.

Amazon S3     Windows Azure     Rackspace Cloudfiles     FTP backups     Dropbox     SFTP backups     FTP     Box.net

Major highlights
  • Ideal solution for website cloning, copy, move or archival.
  • The perfect companion for DNNUpgrade (Accelerate and automate your DNN upgrades).
  • Our backup technologies are always evolving, and have been tested by hundreds of happy users since 2005!. Check our reviews.
  • Easy to use: there is no need for the user to configure any setting
    The module is auto-configured with the optimal setting for the current hosting environment. Advanced users can customize what, when and where to backup.
  • This is the first DNN Backup module capable of producing standard easy to read SQL scripts.
  • You can backup your Evoq site running in the cloud and restore it into a standard server and SQL
  • SQL Server Native backups are a free feature (no license key is needed).
  • Differential Files Backup: Option to backup only the new or updated files.
  • Offsite backups: backups can be automatically saved to remote locations like a FTP serverAmazon S3Rackspace CouldFilesWindows AzureDropbox, Google Drive and/or Box.
  • Evotiva DNNBackup can restore your site from scratch.
  • This module does NOT depend on SMO or any other external component
    It provides a wide range of backup options, adapted to all hosting environments. E.g., regarding the database backup, it can use the standard SQL Server (native) backup engine, the standard SQL Server DACPAC backup (based on SQL Server’s APIs), the SQL Server's SMO interface, or it can use the module's own (TSQL) backup engine.
  • Multiple schedules: advanced users can configure different scheduled jobs with different frequencies.
  • Tested on Windows Azure and most popular hosting providers including shared servers like GoDaddy, WebHost4Life, Discount ASP and PowerDNN. 
  • Tested on Medium Trust hosting environments.
  • Database Support: All SQL Server versions and editions are supported. From SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2014 (including the Express editions) and SQL Azure
  • Secure backup and restore operations: user credentials are verified before allowing any operation, password protected backup files. Optionally; you can choose the folder name and location (even a protected folder, outside the web site root) where to store the backup files, and you can also choose how the backup files will be named.
Downloads, Documentation and Videos

Downloads (module and documentation): http://www.evotiva.com/Downloads.aspx

Release notes: http://www.evotiva.com/Products/DNNBackup/ReleaseNotes.aspx

Key Features: http://www.evotiva.com/Products/DNNBackup/KeyFeatures.aspx

Documentation Videos: http://www.evotiva.com/Products/DNNBackup/Documentation.aspx

Screenshots Gallery: http://www.evotiva.com/Products/DNNBackup/Screenshots.aspx

Demo Videos: http://www.evotiva.com/Products/DNNBackup/DemoVideos.aspx


Checkout the screenshots gallery:  DNNBackup Gallery

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Key Features

General Features
  • Ideal solution for website cloning, copy, move or archival.

  • Free fully functional for localhost domain, no license key is required.

  • Free SQL Server native backups, no license key is required.

  • True Full site backup and restore: database (structure + data) plus all files and folders on the site (including \portals, \bin, \desktopmodules, web.config file, etc.).

  • Independency: You can create, backup and restore your site without any intervention from you host provider.

  • Fast and Efficient: It can succeed even in hosting environments where the CPU and Memory are severely restricted. You can fine tune it to perform faster or slower, depending on your ISP and server limitations.

  • Freedom: You can choose when you want to perform a backup, not your hosting provider.
    Note: some hosting vendors provide backup solutions but allow you only limited backups per day or week.

  • It supports ANY ISP (tested on Windows Azure and most popular hosting providers including shared servers like GoDaddy, WebHost4Life, Discount ASP and PowerDNN).

  • Medium Trust Security Context support: The module can work in medium trust (most shared hostings are configured this way).

  • Database Support: All SQL Server versions and editions are supported. From SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2016 (including the Express editions) and SQL Azure.It does not matter if the database and web server are on the same or different boxes. 

  • More than backup/restore: useful as a table's data exporting tool. 

  • Delegation: You can delegate to not-host users the backup task (including the scheduled backups monitoring) to any user with proper permissions on the page where the module was added. In addition, no FTP download access is required. All files can be downloaded from the module's "Browser".

  • Latest backups: Easy access and monitoring of the latest performed bdatackups. The information (including download links) is available straight in the module's home page.

  • Offsite backups: The module can automatically copy the backup files to an external FTP server and/or Amazon S3 and/or Rackspace CloudFiles and/or Windows Azure and/or Dropbox.

  • Regular users are welcome: In most cases, you don't have to be a tech geek or DNN guru to be able to clone your DNN site. The Restore Wizard guides you over the needed steps to get your clone up and running.

  • Update Notification: There is no need for you to remember check our site for new version availability. If you want, the module itself can notify if you are not running the latest version available.

  • Fine tuning: The module allows you to customize advanced settings, like the compression level, memory buffers sizes and the maximum file size for the generated script files.
    If it is desired or needed, by these settings you can make the backup process perform faster or with a reduced server footprint (useful for some weak or restrictive Hosting Providers).

  • Backup Folder Browser: DNN File Manager like dialog, where you can handle all files found on the configured backup folder.

  • Tools: It includes tools to help you understand which database tables are getting too heavy or which files in your portal are too big.

Backup Features
  • SQL Sever Native backup and restore: When available in the hosting environment, native backup and restore operations are supported by the module.

  • Database Maintenance: Along with the backup operation, you can configure the site to perform some routine/healthy operations, like truncate the DNN Event Log or shrink the database.

  • Scheduled backups: You can configure the module to perform scheduled backups.
    You dont need any administrative right to configure your scheduled task options or see the scheduled task's history.
    All the information you need is available on module's scheduler configuration page.

  • Multiple schedules: You can define different and as many scheduled backups as you want. E.g. you can define a daily backup of the data that changes more often and a monthly backup for more static data. You can also create a schedule to copy a single table's data or a set of portal folders, or a job just to clear the DNN Event log or shrink the database, etc.

  • Offsite backups: The module can automatically copy the backup files to an external FTP server and/or Amazon S3 and/or Rackspace CloudFiles and/or Windows Azure and/or Dropbox. The module can be configured to delete the local file once it was uploaded.

  • Notifications: Notification emails (w/customizable templates) for backup operations.

  • Huge Backup Files The module supports the Zip64 format, which means almost unlimited size and capacity for the backup ZIP files.

  • Secured backups: you can setup the module to password-protect the generated backup ZIP files.

  • Retention Policy: You can configure automatic deletion for old backup files.
    Optionally, date & time can be appended to each backup file name (each backup operation will generate a different backup file).
    You can have different policies for backup saved locally on the web server, and backups saved on the off-site locations.

  • Inclusions/Exclusions: You can choose which tables, files and folders you want to include or exclude from the backup. You can even select 'external' folders (folders outside the web site's root) to be included in the portal files' backup.
    Wildcards for folders exclusion rules are supported.

  • Human friendly There is no need to read cryptic XML files. DNNBackup writes standard human readable and updateable .sql query files which you can edit, modify and even manually run!

  • Any database size is fully supported.

Restore Features
  • Restore Pack: DNNBackup can restore/rebuild a site from scratch. No running DNN is required to rebuild a site. You just have to unpack the 'restore pack' in your blank/empty web site and follow the Restore Wizard.

  • Restore Pack Loader: It is a tiny (10 Kb) web application you can install (unzipping it in your web's root folder, and browsing to the /RestoreWizardLoader.aspx page) in your destination sever instead of the complete 'Restore Pack'.
  • Restore Wizard: A user-friendly wizard which guides you through all the steps needed to restore or clone your saved DNN instance (database and files).
    It's a standalone application. You don't need a running DNN site to restore a backup.

  • Offsite locations: You can browse and restore files from any of the supported offsite locations.

  • SQL Query Tool: Handy tool included in the Restore Wizard, from which you can execute SQL statements against the database (you can even create the database from there). It supports {directives} and /* comments */ same as the built-in DNN Host SQL utility.

  • Safe Settings: DNNBackup can set Host Settings, refresh the WebServers table or update the main Portal Alias for you.

  • Power users can customize the generated backup file and i.e. be able to restore individual tables with customized information.

  • 'Object Qualifier' customization: When restoring, you can replace it (even leave it blank). There is no need to keep the original ObjectQualifier.

  • SQL Server version downgrade: When restoring a 'script' or 'dacpac' database backup, usually it does not matter the source SQL Server's version. For instance, you can restore in SQL Server 2008 R2 a site that is running in SQL Azure, or you can restore in SQL Server 2008/2012/2014/2016 a source site running in SQL Server 2016.

  • Portal Files: all the portal files and folders are restored to their original locations. When cloning a site, the web.config file is automatically updated to match your new database connection.

About Evotiva backup solutions
  • Since 2005, our DNN backup solutions are trusted and tested by thousands of users worldwide. Check out our rank and reviews (DNNBackup, BackupNative & BackupScript).

  • Superb support.

  • Simple and flexible licensing installation and policy

  • Our previous BackupScript module was the first and only backup module reviewed by dnnsoftware.com.

  • And more. Please try it and check by yourself.


Product License

Terms of Use

Please review the
DNNBackup EULA page.

Licensing / Editions

Please review the
DNNBackup Editions page.

Product Badges

Azure Compatible

Product Specifications

  • .NET Version:
    .NET 3.5+ : DNNBackup 7.7
    .NET 4.6.2+ : DNNBackup 7.8.1+

  • Download it now!:
    Evotiva Downloads Page

  • Hosting Environment Dependencies:

  • Medium Trust Support:
    Yes (including all Off-site backup options, except FTP)

  • See also:
    * DNNUpgrade : Accelerate your DNN or Evoq installation upgrade process.
    * DNNGlobalStorage : Easily tie-in cloud-based, external file systems (Folder Providers for DNN) * DNNUserFiles : A powerful file and document manager that allows template-based, filtered views of a portal's files. Features compatibility with DNN virtual file system, easy to create templates, optional download tracking, and more.

  • Supported DNN Versions:
    DNN 9: All versions
    DNN 8: All versions
    DNN 7: From 7.1+
    DNN 7, 6, 5, 4.0.2+: Use DNNBackup version 7.7
    DNN 3: (BackupNative and
    BackupScript legacy modules)

  • Supported SQL Server Version:
    2000 / 2005 / 2008 / 2008R2 / 2012 / 2014 / 2016 / Azure

  • Windows Azure Ready: