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Data Studio 9.0

posted by OnyakTech - 4/19/2018
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Data Studio makes it easy to turn your data into beautiful user friendly web content using the data you already have or using the included data import and export wizards. Module 38021
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Data Studio makes it easy to turn your data into beautiful user friendly web content using the data you already have or using the included data import and export wizards. 

Data Studio 9.0 is supported on DNN 9.2 and newer. 
Data Studio 8.0.36 included with purchase to be used with DNN 7.4.2 to DNN 9.1.

Combine the Data Studio with OnyakTech Forms to simplify data entry and custom searches.

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New Data Studio 9.0 SQL Editor - Click Here for Video

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Major Components of Data Studio

  • NEW - Column Properties: Now you can set custom properties on your data columns to control display formatting, header captions, display rules, security access and more.
  • NEW - Custom Token Delimiter: You can now change the custom token delimiters used to generate dynamic SQL to match your preferences and needs.
  • Admin Control Panel simplifies the Data Studio features making it easier to use and faster to build custom solutions
  • Full CRUD Support: Full Create, Update and Delete data features with the ability to assign specific DNN Roles access to each.
  • Copy and Paste from Excel:  Provides mass data bulk import and export in the Spreadsheet Display with full copy and paste between Data Studio and your favorite spreadsheet application.  Select your data, press CTRL+C and then click on a cell in Data Studio and press CTRL+V to paste your data.  Then click "Save" to upload your changes directly into your database.  Data Studio automatically merges your data handling updates, inserts and deletes for you.
  • Data Analysis:  Enable searching, grouping, filters, sorting and group expressions.
  • Data Morphing:  Dynamically alter the data streamed to the client by providing filters that are used to replace text in your data sets.
  • Dynamic Placement:  Keep your data hidden and attach it to the click event of any element on your web page.  When the click event is triggered, Data Studio will display your data in a popup.
  • Automatic Refresh: Build an online dashboard with the Automatic Refresh feature in Data Studio providing you with seamless automated data refresh on the client using the inetervals you specify.
  • Cache Performance:  Provides full support for large data sets with the new Data Cache feature.
  • Data Links: Convert standard data into hyperlinks.  Includes the ability to merge multiple columns allowing you to set one column as the hyperlink text and another for the URL.  Also supports images.
  • Metric Indicators:  Instantly displays negative numbers in red font
  • 8 Display Types: Multiple Data Grid displays including a detachable grid, Spreadsheet, DBA mode and a Custom display with a new layout designer.
  • Data Connections Manager:  Connect to any data source using existing connection strings in your web.config or new connection strings.  Supports SQL Server, MS Access, Excel, CSV, AS/400, Oracle, Azure and MySQL.
  • Export Data to PDF, Excel, Word and CSV
  • Import Bulk Data from CSV with streaming performance features
  • Dynamic Query Execution Engine automatically alters the data displayed based on the user and the current action providing you with user specific data solutions.
  • Query Manager brings the power of your favorite SQL editor to the web with intellisense for table looksup.  Save your scripts and execute them later on demand.
  • Row Actions:  Build custom Row Actions that execute TSQL or JavaScript. Attach your custom Row Actions to new buttons in the Data Grids or execute them during CRUD operations.
  • Dashboard gives you instant access to Data Studio performance and all of the features you use most, making it very easy to tweak the settings for the ultimate data solution.
  • Skins:  Includes multiple skins to style your data grids instantly
  • Custom Display Designer:  The "Custom Display" is a token based data layout that accepts HTML. With a custom layout, your style is defined per row. It's a template that is merged in with the data for every row in your datasource, replacing the tokens with your data.
  • Drill Down into your data using data from the current row to feed the sub-dataset.
  • Google Maps integration provides a visual map with locations highlighted based on your data.  Includes full interaction support making it easy for users to click a row to instantly view it's location on the map.
Includes Skins
Includes Professional Skins with full CSS support to customize to your site
Secure your data
Secure your data and edit access with DNN Roles
Import and Export Data
Import Data from Excel or CSV. Export your data to PDF, CSV, Excel or Word
Add, Edit and Delete Data
Optional Full Data Access allowing users to Add, Edit and Delete
Google Maps Integration
Google Maps Integration
Data Backup
Backup Your Data
SQL Builder
SQL Generator: Don't know SQL? No problem!
Easily Identify Negative Values
Easily Identify Negative Values
Load Dynamic Data
Dynamically Load Data based on the current user, portal, page and more!
Define your own layout
Create Your Own Layout. 100% freedom of design that is token based.
Define Custom Row Actions
Define your own custom actions to execute on selected data rows
Connect to any data source
Connect to Any External Data Source

Screen shots of the Data Studio on real web sites...

Load Dynamic Data
Load Dynamic Data

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Includes Members Area Access on www.OnyakTech.com.
Includes current minor releases, members forums and support.


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4.6 4.6 (5 product reviews)
Ann P says... 4 4.0
i use this product extensively on my companies intranet to display sql table data. it allows me to quickly setup a data view with no hassles with... Show More
Posted 9/12/2013
William P says... 5 5.0
Great module, and excellent support from author. We wanted to be able to print mailing labels. We needed an easy way to export selected user data... Show More
Posted 6/24/2010
Mark L says... 5 5.0
Clean install. Easy to use. Renders a nice telerik grid. Mark Luffred
Posted 8/24/2010
superbluesman s says... 5 5.0
Very Very nice module!
Posted 9/13/2012
superbluesman s says... 4 4.0
Useful module, but you would like to have more functionality. see example: http://www.dvbi.ru/businessintelligence/bi_comparing.aspx
Posted 3/15/2013

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    Unlimited Installs within your organization. Your clients must own a license if installed on their servers. You may not resell or redistribute in any way.

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