Cookie Consent / GDPR Compliant (Responsive for DNN 7,8 & 9)

posted by Your Web Company - 7/17/2018
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This cookie banner is awesome and so simple to use. Got a problem? Just send us an email and we'll help you get started. Module 38323
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Awesome Features

  1. Customize the cookie message, button text.
  2. Display a learn more button and attach a link to it.
  3. Modify the colors to match your website.
  4. Easy to configure.
  5. Change the position of the popup box, choose out of 5 options.
  6. Responsive layout

GDPR Compliant Cookie Consent Popup

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1) Configure Module Settings

Place the module on any page and configure the  'module settings'  in de setting tab.

2) Modify Layout Template

If necessary make any changes to your selected theme to match the look and feel of your website. 

3) Add Module To Every Page On Your Site

Via the module settings go to "advanced" and select "Display Module On All Pages".



Product License

The resale and/or redistribution of the Software Product is strictly prohibited.

If you have purchased a Standard License, you may use this Software Product on a single website(installation) with multiple instances for the single DNN Portal (install/use the module on multiple pages), belonging to either you or your client. You need to purchase the same Software Product again if you wish to use it on another DNN Portal (installation).

If you have purchased a Professional License, you may use this Software Product on an unlimited number of DNN Portal (installations), belonging to either you or your client.

You are authorized to make any necessary modification(s) to our Software Product to fit your purposes.

You may not place any of our products, modified or unmodified, on a diskette, CD, website or any other medium and offer them for redistribution or resale of any kind without prior written consent from DNNDeveloper.