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Advanced News Feed 8.1 (RSS Feed Aggressator // Feed Slider // Tabbed Feed)

posted by ZLDNN.COM - 3/29/2018
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Aggreagte mult feeds together.Cache feed data into database to reduce network traffic and improve performance. Many other features...... Module 37903
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Advanced News Feed is a DNN module that meets your news feed need. 

You can download 15 days trial version from: http://www.zldnn.com/Download/tabid/233/Default.aspx

 Advanced News Feed 7.9 is built under DotNetNuke 6.1 and VS.Net 2010.  It can work properly with DotNetNuke 6.1+ including the DNN 7.x , DNN 8.x and DNN 9.x. If you want old version that can work with DNN 5.x, please create a help desk ticket in the support page of www.zldnn.com.


New Feature:
  • Support DNN 9.2.


The Advanced News Feed is a product to provide RSS content manage solution.

  • It supports RSS 0.9x ,2.0 and ATOM.
  • Using Ajax to load data item.
  • It supports content fliter by regular expression.
  • It supports RSS re-aggregrate.
  • It supports content localization.
  • It can import news items into database.
  • It supports feed categories.
  • Users can add their own private RSS feed to their own home page.
  • There are 9 modules included in the product to provide rich user UI.

RSS Re-aggregrate

  • It can aggregate RSS feed to a new feed.
  • It can aggregate RSS feed by category.
  • You can enable/disable Re-aggregrate.
  • You can set RSS properities such as channel title to the new RSS feed.
  • You can limit the number of items for the new aggregrated RSS feed.


Data Cache and Data store

  • You can enable data cache for a feed.
  • You can set the cache time out.
  • It supports to save items of  news feed to database.
  • You can set expire period for each feed.
  • The expired items can be cleared automically.


    Content Localization

    • You can set a feed to one or more languages.
    • You can set a feed to be shown on any languages.
    • Users can view feeds related with the user's language.



    • You can define unlimited level of categories.
    • You can assign a feed to one or more category.
    • Categories can be shown on TreeView.
    • Feed items can be shown by category.



    • Authorized users can add their private RSS feed.
    • The private RSS feed can be shown on the User Feed sub module. Generally in user's personal page.
    • Admin can decide which roles can add private RSS feed.
    • Admin can set the private feed to public feed.


    Rich UI

    • It supports template. You can build custom display template.
    • There are six sub modules to show news items in Tab style or in a slider.
    • The layout of tabbed sub modules and slider sub modules can be changed by CSS.
    • The main module supports rolling.






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    5 5 (5 product reviews)
    kathryn h says... 5 5.0
    Does what it claims - has freed up value space by allowing me to display just what I want
    Posted 12/20/2006
    Uri K says... 5 5.0
    A quality product with unbelievable customer service. I encountered an issue specific to some feeds we were using and the developer resolved them and... Show More
    Posted 10/23/2006
    Edward L says... 5 5.0
    This is really good. It does everything that I could ever think of e.g. caching for speed, flexible layout. I was originally going to tinker with... Show More
    Posted 9/5/2008
    Paul M says... 5 5.0
    Great module - easy to setup and has templates to help you style your output. Very prompt support as well.
    Posted 6/2/2011
    Dwight B says... 5 5.0
    I have been involved in DNN since inception - way back, and over the course of these many years I have ups and downs along the way. I know of only a... Show More
    Posted 6/16/2015