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Accord LMS - SCORM eLearning Solution

posted by Accord LMS - 11/5/2014
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Full featured Learning Management System - online, instructor led, file and web resources. Integration with eCommerce, Communities, Gamification, Announcements, etc. Organize Learning Catalogs with drag and drop tools. Setup Teams for any size of Organization. Module 33846
  • $2,700.00 Annually, for up to 100 Learners. $2.25/user/month
  • $4,200.00 Annually, for up to 200 Learners. $1.75/user/month
  • $6,600.00 Annually, for up to 500 Learners. $1.10/user/month


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For Learner counts 100 to 100,000 and more, please visit our Pricing Page.

Accord Learning Management System

eLearning for eCommerce, Workplace and Distribution Channels

Accord LMS is one of the most robust, extensible and cost effective platforms in the LMS industry.

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  • Learner Counts from 100 to 100,000 and more
  • Cloud Hosting
  • On Premises  Hosting
  • Perpetual Licenses
  • Information and Sales Support
  • Full Featured Trial Download
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  • Case Studies and Testimonials
  • Documentation and Video Tutorials

The Right Features
Accord LMS includes eCommerce, Content Management and Social Tools.
  • Web based Learning Management System.
  • Blended Learning with SCORM, Instructor Led Training, Webinars, Built in Quiz Builder, and File Assets.
  • Utilize content created by third party tools, digital assets you have, the built in Quiz and Survey builder or access the over 20,000 courses we offer.
  • Track and report utilization for on web training, quizzes, classroom training. Resources can be both local and remote.
  • Integration with dozens of other applications - eCommerce, social networking, document management with assignment uploads, etc.
  • Elegant, intuitive and powerful. Highly configurable Manager Profiles. Hierarchical and/or peer training structures.
  • Numerous reports that can be filtered and configured to your specifications. Export to different formats. Schedule automatic report delivery via email.
  • Manage your training from a central portal and deliver to any number of distributed child portals - each with their own privately branded UI, features, text content, etc.
  • Full support for multi-language localization.
  • User Interface is fully templated - present your training like you want. 
  • Responsive design supports PC, iPad and Mobile.

Customize your own LMS Portal
The Accord LMS is a customizable eLearning Portal. Learners login to access personalized content.

  • Customize your eLearning Portal with your own URL, logo, and more. Select from thousands of "skins" and colors or create your own.
  • Create a Course Catalog to provide visitors with a descriptive list of the training courses that are available.
  • Serve personalized web content to Learners based on their unique characteristics. Full support for multi-language localization.
  • Serve eLearning content from one master portal to any number of parent/child portals.
  • Delegate LMS Administration to any number of users. Each LMS Admin type is defined with very granular access to Learner, Learning Events and Administration features.
  • Easily integrate and track utilization for non-SCORM content such as Mentor Chat, Blogs, Forums and Social Networking.
  • Easily create HTML templates for Learning Paths, Courses and Learning Events provide full control of your training presentation.  Dozens of tokens allow you to present training content and status just the way you want it.

Add, Invite, and Update your Learners
When your courses are ready, use Accord to manage and communicate with Learners.

  • Bulk upload any number of Learners to Accord - specify which content they can access.
  • LMS Admin can Enroll their Learners based on Roles or User Accounts.
  • Learners can subscribe to specific groups of courses via "Course Codes" that can be emailed to them.
  • Build and send bulk email invitations. Emails can be customized with your own language.
  • Keep users up-to-date with automated email notifications based on their Course progress. Quiz notifications include links back to online result reports.
  • Learner Count is based only on "active" learners.

Track and Measure Results
Reporting tools provide you with quick access to the results that are most important to you.

  • Numerous on-demand reports to keep track of Learner progress
  • Extensive ad-hoc report filters, which can be saved and reused
  • Schedule automatic delivery of any report. in any format
  • Learners have access to their own transcripts and quiz result reports.

Who Can Benefit?
Anyone who needs an LMS that is feature rich, intuitive and easy to setup.

  • Franchises - Staff training for restaurants; retail; warehouse; customer support. Capture institutional knowledge once and then use many times.
  • Workplaces - New employee orientation, HR policies, benefit packages, certification track training. Utilize off the shelf eLearning content or create your own with popular authoring tools.
  • Educational Institutions - from Elementary schools through Universities, including distance learning organizations, and those offering online degrees or certifications.
  • Compliance Managers- Harassment, discrimination, hazardous material training or education units (EUs). Easy online access for evening or on the road study.

Visit our Product Website for...

  • Learner Counts from 100 to 100,000 and more
  • Cloud Hosting
  • On Premises  Hosting
  • Perpetual Licenses
  • Information and Sales Support
  • Full Featured Trial Download
  • Demo Site Access
  • Case Studies and Testimonials
  • Documentation and Video Tutorials


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IMPORTANT - READ CAREFULLY: by installing, downloading, copying or otherwise using the Accord LMS ("Accord") software (the "Software") or any associated media, printed or electronic user manuals or guides or instructions regarding the use of such Software (the "Documentation") that Accord may provide, you (on behalf of yourself or as an authorized representative on behalf of an entity) hereby agree to all the terms regarding your use of the Software and Documentation found in the Software License Agreement (the "Agreement").

If you do not agree with all of the terms of this Agreement, do not download, install, copy or otherwise use the Software. Accord reserves the right to update the Software License Agreement at any time without notice.

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Martin G says... 5 5.0
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Dennis T says... 5 5.0
A client of ours was looking for a full featured LMS solution to provide browser based training for its employees. After reviewing several potential... Show More
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