Watch List Added

We are pleased to announce that an updated version of the Watch List has been introduced on the Store.  The feature, which helps you remember products you are interested in purchasing at a later date, now allows users to create multiple categories of lists.  The Watch List also delivers timely messages regarding new releases and deals for products being watched in lists.
Add Items

Adding products to your Watch List is now easier than ever.  When you discover an exciting product which you want to store in your list, click the “Add to Watch List” link at the top of the product page.  A modal window will open directly on the page, allowing you to quickly add the item to your list.  During this process, you can also add notes for the record and assign the product to a specific category in your list.

Categorize Lists

Any number of categories can be created in your Watch List. Products can easily be moved from one category to another, or added to multiple categories.  Creating categories to track items is useful for sorting by different product types (module, skins) or different projects.

Receive Notifications

A new way to keep closer track of your Watch List items is by way of the messages sent when vendors update products.  More specifically, for any item you are watching, the system will notify you when the vendor adds a public coupon, lowers their product pricing, or creates a new version of their product.    

Watched Items

If you were a user of the previous Watch List, products added previously will be displayed in the new system.  In addition - as with any new item you add to your lists - the vendors product page will continue to record that you are watching the page. 


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