Help Desk Usage Guide

Effective Issue Description

Your support tickets will be resolved faster if all the information about the request can be added to the ticket. For technical support, the following information is useful if it can be provided:

  • Platform version (DNN 5, DNN 5.6, etc…)
  • Error Message
  • Actions taken prior to issue occurrence

For customer or order support, the following information is useful:

  • Invoice number (or order number)
  • E-mail address used for the order

Ticket Escalation

A ticket can be escalated if assistance from The Store Staff support is needed in addition to seller technical support.

If the ticket submitted is for technical support, please wait until the vendor has a chance to review the ticket before escalating it.

Feedback Support Rating

Customers are encouraged to update the feedback support ratings after support has been provided by the vendor.

Before submitting a negative rating, it is recommended to first follow-up with the vendor to ensure there the support provided is accurate and understood.

Support feedback ratings help vendors get additional information about the the support they provide as well as assist customers when evaluating the level of support they can expect to receive.