Dispute Arbitration Policy

The Arbitration policy acts as a guideline for the workings of an Arbitration Committee.


The Arbitrators reserve the right to hear or not hear any dispute, at their discretion. The following are general guidelines which will apply to most cases, but the Arbitrators may make exceptions.The Arbitrators will hear disputes that have been referred to Arbitration by the Store service personnel. Where a dispute has not gone through Mediation, or the earlier steps in the dispute resolution process, the Arbitrators may refer the dispute to mediation if it believes mediation is likely to help. The Arbitrators will occasionally request advice from The Store on whether to hear a particular dispute.  The Arbitrators will primarily investigate product listing disputes. The Arbitrators will not hear disputes where they have not been requested to Arbitrate.


The Arbitrators will decide cases according to the following guidelines, which they will apply with common sense and discretion, and an eye to the expectations of the community, including: Established Store customs and common practices; The Store terms of use, developer agreements, and guidelines; sensible "real world" laws.

Former decisions will not be binding on the Arbitrators - rather, they intend to learn from experience.

Who takes part?

For each case, a solicitation request will be sent to all professional developers currently using Store services. The first ten (10) respondents to volunteer to hear the case will be accepted. At least five (5) Arbitrators will be requested to hear a case.

If an Arbitrator or the Store believes they have a conflict of interest in a case, they shall recuse themselves immediately from participation in the case. Users who believe Arbitrators have a conflict of interest should post an appropriate statement during the Arbitration process. The Arbitrator in question will seriously consider it and make a response. Arbitrators will not be required to recuse themselves for trivial reasons.