Resolving Disputes

These steps are designed for resolving disagreements between two or more parties.

Flagrant violations of Store policies and behavior guidelines by repeat offenders may be handled using expedited procedures, potentially resulting in the offender being banned from The Store.


The best way to resolve a dispute is to avoid it in the first place. Please review the guide for creating a listing to assist in creating an effective product listing.

Talk to the other parties involved

The first resort in resolving almost any conflict is to discuss the issue. Use the Help Desk to submit your questions or get additional contact information from the developer to assist opening discussions.

Further dispute resolution

If talking to the other parties involved fails, you should try one of these methods to resolve the dispute. Which ones you choose and in what order will depend on the nature of the dispute.

  • Informal Mediation -- It might be useful to ask The Store to help, review the dispute and facilitate in reaching a resolution. Store support staff can be contacted through the Help Desk.