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Dnn Xcillion2.0

posted by DnnConsulting - 07/10/2018


Finally, the Dnn Xcillion2.0 theme has been updated to the most up-to-date frameworks and a couple of extra’s

Here’s what’s now included in the Xcollion2.0 theme:

Updated Bootstrap the theme to Bootstrap 4.1.0

Now you can use all the goodness of the most up to date Bootstrap version which includes Flexbox, cards, carousel, badges, navbars and much, much more!

To find out more about Bootstrap 4, visit the Bootstrap website:

Fontawesome 5

The newest (free) version of Fontawesome. The icon set includes 986 icons which are free to use on the Dnn Xcillion2.0 theme. Font awesome is easy to use for many of the Bootstrap components such as Cards etc.

To find out what icons there are and how to use Fontawesome, visit the Fontawesome website:


For variation we have also added an extra icon set, LinearIcons. This is also the free version which includes 167 icons.

To find out what icons there are and how to use the LinearIcons, visit the LinearIcons website:

The top bar and header/navigation bar

The Xcillion2.0 theme's header and top bar has been tweaked so it has a more modern look and feel. The header/navigation now sticks to the top of the browser so that the navigation of your site is always in view for the visitor of your site.

The navigation uses a JS component called SmartMenu to allow a better, multilevel, responsive navigation.

The icons for notification, messages and search have been changed from using images to the LinearIcons.


The Dnn DDR Menu has been changed to use Razor for more control over the navigation of the theme.

Content layout

The grid used in the Dnn Xcillion2.0 theme has been changed to adapt the new Bootstrap 4 grid system which gives more control over how you site is layed out. It also gives you more flexibility. The Dnn Content Panes use the same names, so you shouldn’t run into any problems.

Vendor frameworks

All vendor frameworks are local and do not use any CDN’s. This helps with site speed and where possible the JavaScript’s and css files are minified, again to help with the speed of your site.

Font families

There are now 3 different font families available in the Dnn Xcillion2.0 theme, the older version used Open Sans which is still available and standard but, we have added 2 more: Raleway and Ubunto.

Dnn Xcillion2.0 colored themes

There are now 5 different color themes available in the Dnn Xcillion2.0 theme:

  • Classic (the same as the older version)
  • Modern
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple

To change the color theme is easy, at the top of every skin file you will see a line of code as below:

<div class="dnnXcillion2 classic">

To change the color theme just change ‘classic’ to ‘modern’ for example:

<div class="dnnXcillion2 modern">

Just make sure that you use all lower caps!

Theme sections

To make it easier for novice users, we have cut the Dnn Xcillion2.0 theme into section:

  • Top bar
  • Navigation
  • Content panes
  • Footer content
  • Footer legal content

This allows you to swop and change the theme, even create your own sections easily without breaking the complete theme.

Get it a go and enjoy all the up to date functionality!