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DNN Dynamic Redirect

posted by weweave - 09/04/2016

Personalize. Segment. Delight.

Go beyond static: DNN Dynamic Redirect for the DNN CMS.

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Use a sophisticated redirect system on your DNN site for segmentation and advanced personalization: DNN Dynamic Redirect allows for defining criteria which cause redirects to specific sites.

For instance, you can define rules which redirect your site’s visitors to a specific URL when a certain cookie is present, a parameter is matched, the access comes from a certain region, or a visitor has visited a specific website before (referrer). DNN Dynamic Redirect teams up with DNN Dynamic Roles and uses the same powerful rule engine. Where DNN Dynamic Roles works with authenticated users only, DNN Dynamic Redirect supports anonymous visitors, too.

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Attention: This module supports DNN 9, DNN 8 and DNN 7: Version 02.XX.XX supports DNN 9 and DNN 8 whereas version 01.XX.XX supports DNN 7. After purchasing the module, please use the appropriate version for your DNN environment. Your license keys will work for all Version.


The DNN Dynamic Redirect module comes with lots of rules you can use and combine, making it easy to segment your customers and personalize content. All these rules can be used to define dynamic redirects.

  • Integrates smoothly into DNN’s user interface
  • Requested URL which triggers a redirect can be set using regular expressions (regex)
  • Allows importing redirects from CSV file
  • Each redirect rule can have a specific priority
  • Redirect loop detection
  • Features a powerful ruleset with logical operators for real dynamic redirects
  • Supports various redirect types (temporary and permanent)
  • Offer callbacks to add custom rules
  • Performance optimized by leveraging caching algorithms
  • Compatible with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform
  • Compatible with Evoq Content
  • EVS verified

Supported rules

Logical Operators
Combine rules by using the AND, OR, and NOT operators.

Role Membership
Check if user is member of a certain role.

Check if a certain cookie is present or has a specific value.

Check if a user is coming to your site from a specific page or website.

IP Geo Location
Check if your user comes from a certain country or region of the world.

Browser and Version
Check if your user uses a specific browser and detect the browser's version.

GET and POST parameters
Check for the existence of a request parameter and its value.

Date and Time
Check if the current date and/or time is within a specific range.

SQL Query
Evaluates an SQL Query and checks the result.

You can find detailed information on the XML Rule Definition Syntax page.


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