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DNNBackup 8.8 - Backup, Restore and Clone DNN and Evoq Installations
Brian B (1) says... 5 5.0

user icon I was in the middle of moving my DNN Site from my Server (Hosted at my house) to a Virtual Machine hosted on GoDaddy ($39.00 a month). I already had a full back-up of my database and was going to give it a try manually when magically I get an email from the DotNetNuke Store advertising DNNBackUp 6.4.2. I do some research, I read all the documentation(Very Good by the way) and pulled the trigger. Worked as advertised. Just follow the instructions and your good to go. TOTALLY worth it. Now I can schedule backups on and off site. Also, you know that feeling you get when you update to the latest Rev of DNN? Thinking "I hope this does not break any of my created modules" Well now.. I just back-up the running config and go for it. If it breaks.. do a restore and your good. Best Module I've bought to date. I've been with DNN for years. Thank You Very much.. Keep up the good work.

posted on 7/22/2012