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DNNBackup 8.7 - Backup, Restore and Clone DNN and Evoq Installations
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user icon This works great with godaddy. First I created a folder in godaddy's host area using the Directory Management tool. I called the folder DN and gave it read, web, brouse, write, root permissions. Then selected Value Applications and loaded DNN 4.5.3 to the DN folder. Thus this was a DNN AUTO load. I loaded the Backupscript 2.0.4 per the instructions and did a database & portal backup. Changed a page on my website then did a restore. It worked perfectly. The only thing you must do is go to HOST->Settings->Advanced Settings->Other Settings, and clear the cache to see the Restored changes. It works perfectly with the godaddy Auto installed DNN website. Support from Evotiva was excellent and highly recommend this to other godaddy customers.

posted on 1/9/2007