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user icon Themes are nice and I like that the module allows me to use actual domain name when testing locally vs being limited to use Documentation could be improved for activation manually on a site when the site is copied from test to production. Specifically the module displays a "Purchase ID” link when in view mode, but clicking it does not allow you to activate. Instead you must enter edit mode to be allowed to activate, so the messaging could be improved for view mode. Manual activation asks you to enter "Purchase ID" and DNN Store gave me an “invoice number”, so it was not clear that is what the module required. It would be helpful if the module documentation could include details about how to use the various elements in regular html.

posted on 1/17/2021
WSC replied...
user icon Thank you for choosing our Polo theme! We'll improve our documentation in the mentioned part to avoid any confusion in future. Thank you for the suggestions!