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XMod Pro 4.9 - DNN's Most Powerful Form Builder since 2004
Derek G (2) says... 5 5.0

user icon I have to say, I am impressed. I mean I have been working with XMod since v1. So I can easily say that I was concerned over moving to a whole NEW version. But WOW! This is exactly what all of my customers really wanted. Something that can connect to existing tables in SQL, a wizard to create base forms, quick and easy modifications to templates and forms, and best of all the ability to store data in my own SQL tables. Version 2 of XMP is even better. Much easier to work with than ever before. This is great. All of my customers are already happy with what they have seen. This is a true HOMERUN for DnnDev!

posted on 1/21/2010
XMod Pro 1.5 - Forms and Views for Databases
Derek G (2) Visit Reviewers Website says... 5 5.0

user icon I have been a user of XMod for almost 5 years. Even though I had to learn new techniques, I have to say that DNNDev hit the nail on the head! People wanted data in their own SQL tables and not in XML. DNNDev answered the call. More dynamic templates and AJAX to reduce load times and refreshes? You got it. This might be a 1.x release, but I can see the potential here is great. This will be my tool for all of my sites going forward. I have already launched 12 different sites using XMod Pro and do not plan on looking back. I have also had the privledge of testing and implementing v2.0 which is going to be released in the nect week or two, and I have to say that it just gets better. A lot more UI and tools to make your life easier. I would tell you more, but why ruin the surprise. It's worth it. I look forward to many great things coming out of DNNDev in the future.

posted on 1/6/2010