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CATALooK.NetStore Pro  DNN 4/5/6 v.6.4.2.
Ryan R (3) Visit Reviewers Website says... 4 4.0

user icon fantastic product for hire or rental goods. I have used this every year for 3 years now and annually research other cms systems and reservation products to see if anything can compete. Nothing else even comes close in regard to functionality and price. Would be 5 starts but one thing it needs is a code review and database redesign at some point to address database referential integrity more closely as you sometimes need to do SQL string manipulation on database fields to join tables.

posted on 12/24/2011
DNNMasters SEO & Performance Provider 5.4
Ryan R (3) Visit Reviewers Website says... 5 5.0

user icon Not sure if I should share a review or keep this secret to myself! I've got to hand credit to the developers so will share my info. This is the best SEO URL tool you will find for DNN and Catalook, seriously, what a find, works flawlessly with Catalook, when I first saw it working I just couldn't believe how simple it was. They have covered everything, even robots.txt and sitemap.aspx to prevent bots finding duplicate or plagiarism info such as the terms and policy which most of us use out of the box without much modification.

posted on 12/24/2011
CATALooK.netStore  v.7.2.8 - eCommerce solution including basic installation
Ryan R (3) Visit Reviewers Website says... 5 5.0

user icon Overwhelming to start with but after reading the manual I eventually got through it...everything from advanced pricing rules and product options for product reservation. What an incredible product - A quick email to support fixed a small problem I encountered in Paypal payments pro support. Rarely am I looking forward to upgrades but apparently the next version is going to add even more features to the reservation system.

posted on 3/30/2010