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John T (2) says... 5 5.0

user icon I've been quite pleased with EasyDNNNews. In the 10 years that I've been running DNN, I’ve ran three Article Management Systems. I started with DNNMasters ContentBuilder Pro and after some years ran into some significant barriers with its taxonomy system and workflow efficiency. The guys at DNNMasters did a good job trying to address my needs but it just didn’t prove viable. Some years later I switched to Engage Publish. It provided some major upgrades and served my needs well. But, I reported a few issues I was having with it that could have been easily fixed but years later they were never addressed. In the years that I used it, they didn't have any significant feature enhancements. They seemed to be focused on diversifying their module portfolio and this one just didn’t get much attention. I also thought their schema was overly abstracted for my tastes (as a 30-year database architect) and it made integration with XMODPro and other modules overly complex (even though they did provide some usable views to flatten some of the abstraction). I recently did a full-blown assessment of digArticle including writing the SQL scripts that converted my thousands of articles from Publish into their solution. Their lack of referential integrity in the backend concerned me. Also, they didn't provide stored procedures with their solution. Instead, they embedded their queries in their compiled code--which made integration difficult and costly. Also, some of their design/architecture decisions seriously constrained its usability for my purposes. Even though it offered some really nice features I would like to have gotten and the developer was willing to make a few modifications, when I added up all its shortcomings, it was just unusable for my purposes (which are more sophisticated than the average user’s needs). So, I created spreadsheets that compared the features of all of the solutions on the market and EasyDNNNews made it to the top few. After some additional research, I decided to run the trial version of this module. After completing the tests, I really liked what I saw. They did have a couple of design constraints that had serious drawbacks. So, I contacted the vendor. He said he had already scheduled some of my suggested changes in an upcoming release and that he would build my 1 remaining requirement into an upcoming release to suit my needs. After a reminder email, they came through with a beautifully executed solution in just over a week. I’ve been using it some a few weeks now and I really like what I see. They appear to be much more aggressive in their feature roadmap than most and at the same time, I haven’t encountered any bugs yet. I’m a software solutions architecture at a Fortune 100 company in my day job. I’ve written multiple article management systems myself over the past couple of decades. I really like what this vendor has done here. I’m planning on integrating their EasyDNNGallery next and then doing some integration with XMODPro to offer some robust content delivery solutions to my clients. Overall, I highly recommend EasyDNNNews to anyone looking for a robust, flexible, scalable solution that seems to live up to its name in its ease-of-use.

posted on 10/25/2012
Live Tabs 6
John T (2) says... 4 4.0

user icon As of this writing, this is the best AJAX tabs module on the market. It features an intuitive interface and is easy to use. The design elements are also the best on the market today. Like me, if you also have need of an accordion module, you can purchase both Live Tabs and Live Accordion and they both come with the same matching interface templates and this makes for a nice added benefit. You can also place modules into tabs and still access the module dropdown menus. Some competing solutions don’t do this and as a result you have to put the modules on a separate hidden page and this makes content management all the more time-consuming. I have experience some issues on my server with the technical architecture behind this module but I didn't have enough space here to post the details. If you want to learn more, read

posted on 7/7/2010