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3.71428571428571 3.71 (7 reviews)
Data Studio 9.0
Ann P (7) says... 4 4.0

user icon i use this product extensively on my companies intranet to display sql table data. it allows me to quickly setup a data view with no hassles with just a SELECT statemetn plus it has extensive data filter capabilities. i can even create buttons on each row to access another URL and pass that rows credentials to further filter other data grids of data.

posted on 9/12/2013
Netism Deployer Extreme 1.0
Ann P (7) says... 1 1.0

user icon This software is only partially functional and I was pretty much scammed into upgrading from the previous version thinking the "new features" would actually work. The product does not fully work as advertised as the custom search fields DON'T WORK. Support is non-existent. I have been trying to reach out to Netism Solutions for a month to no avail. They seem to not respond unless they can scam money out of you to "upgrade" at which time they respond quite quickly. Don't waste your time or money on this or any other Netism products. Very much dissatisfied and would like a full refund.

posted on 11/23/2010
Dynamic Forms 7.0
Ann P (7) says... 5 5.0

user icon Their response to my question was better than same day, it was within the same hour! I knew the product would do what i wanted, they just had to point me in the right direction.

posted on 6/9/2010
WebHarpoon v5.0 (Page Scraper or Iframe replacement)
Ann P (7) says... 5 5.0

user icon This is a MUST HAVE product for your DNN installation. It should be the first module you purchase. I have been using it since DNN Version 3 and rely on it daily. Michael

posted on 3/10/2010
IndooGrid 2.6
Ann P (7) says... 1 1.0

user icon great product! BUT i submitted a help request and after 5 days, ive heard nothing from the company.

posted on 7/22/2008
WebHarpoon DNN4 SOURCE!
Ann P (7) says... 5 5.0

user icon Want everyone to know that your ability to create module like content can be done with standard asp or aspx programs. just create your content with images/hyperlinks/tables/etc. and pull it in to your harpoon module and you have instant custom module.

posted on 4/27/2005
PowerReports Professional 3.1 - Server License (Unlimited Domains)
Ann P (7) says... 5 5.0

user icon GREAT PRODUCT! pulling data from our sql db and mainframe as400 systems to create dashboards customizes for different security groups. This product uses tokens to basically make all data associated with the host, portal settings and current user available for use in the sql statement. Possibilities are endless what you can do. I am putting accounting system dates in the portal keywords field and then extracting the data to create a customized dashboard that pulls data for the current week and current fiscal accounting period. thanks for this product.

posted on 4/14/2005