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Dynamic Registration 7.3
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user icon This registration module does exactly what it says on the tin, it offers extreme flexibility in a simple and intuative way to allow the easy creation of complex registration forms. It is well designed and stable so gets 4 out of 5 out of the box. What really sets this product apart is the level of customer service that comes with it, which as you can see from other reviews is a major part of the whole package when your deciding where to spend your money. You only need support when you have got an issue and I found a couple of minor glitches when using this module for a private registration scenario, but the sign of a good company is how they react to problems and I can tell you the guys are Datasprings are on the case, I mean they nailed it... I had patch made available within hours of notifying them of my problem and they stayed with me until the job was done. If (like me) you have clients and you're buying modules to extend the functionality of their portals you rely on the quality of those modules and more importantly the support that comes with them (especially without source code) so I would not hesitate to recommend this module in it's own right and with Datasprings support behind it is a bonus. I am currently reviewing their opt-in module. Buy with complete confidence.

posted on 9/19/2007