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Data Springs Collection 9.0
Scott H (2) says... 5 5.0

user icon Support from Data Spring has been absolutely fantastic. Chad is the one reasons we will only trust Data Springs with module purchases. We have never found a company that responds as quickly as Data Springs or Chad does. If you are a corporation looking to implement DNN you HAVE to look into this collection. We are now looking to upgrade to the 6.0 and have full confidence in this company. We were very skeptical when it comes to module companies since they don't always deliver what they promise... but not this company they have gone over and beyond with the products and support. You guys rock. Thanks CareersUSA

posted on 7/4/2013
Scott H (2) says... 1 1.0

user icon Horrible. Broke my whole site and I had to preform a manual uninstall.

posted on 1/10/2013
AllenBosch LLC replied...
user icon Scott, I am sorry your whole site broke; however that really should not have happened ... controls have a built in safe guard for that purpose ... I only put the form module on DNN because I had to build one for my site and thought i'd share it with anyone else who needed it. to date, its running on well over a 100 sites... and your the first to report such an issue ... The only other issue i've seen is anyone trying to install the module on a site that does not have .NET 4 enabled ... the control does require .NET 4 or grater and will not work otherwise ... if you have any further questions please feel free to contact me thru the website @ Thanks for your feedback.