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My Tokens 5 - Custom DNN Tokens (with Razor Support)
Roland G (4) says... 5 5.0

user icon A module essential for all DotNetNuke users. I especially appreciate the responsiveness of technical support that I have even developed features I needed. A module need to be.

posted on 7/29/2010
Markit XMenu Module & Skin Object v1.4.4 (CSS Based, SEO Friendly, W3C, XHTML)
Roland G (4) says... 5 5.0

user icon Excellent product and very good support. Thank you again. Roland

posted on 5/13/2009
Roland G (4) says... 5 5.0

user icon Very good product. SQL # generate velocity templates. Now you can use this dreamweaver extension and code your velocity template directly in dreamweaver :

posted on 2/8/2009
Community Portal /w PSD
Roland G (4) says... 2 2.0

user icon When I buy a skin, I wish to be able to use it without having to make modifications there. A skin must adapt to the user and not the opposite. When a user add a module in a pane, the skin must be display correctly what is not currently the case. The author of the skin contacted me and we will discuss it… Good design but not very good convertion for DNN. Roland

posted on 9/13/2006
Allan Levsen replied...
user icon Roland, on the one hand I agree with you. But, in order for content to transfer seamlessly between different skins the skins would have to contain the exact pane names and location of those panes. This skin is being verified by DotNetNukes Reviewing process. The idea behind this process is to ensure that any skin marked with the DNN review certification that the skin meets all of the criteria the Core Team have defined. However, the core team did not make pane names and locations of them a requirement to be considered a good skin; a requirement that you require to consider the skin a passing grade by you. Keep in mind that dnn does place any content where the pane is not available in the skin into the "ContentPane". Further, I personally have purchased over 25 skins from this site for my clients and rarely are the panes named the same and rarely does the content seamlessly transfer without some intervention on my part. In short, this skin meets all of the requirements as defined by the Core Development Team. This skin have more panes in just about every possible location than any skin I have purchased. It would not take much effort to place the content on your site into a similar location. I am sorry it doesn't meet your standards but, you can not please everyone. But, this low review value you entered is unfair as the issues you are having are out of my control. Allan Levsen