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XMod Pro 4.9 - DNN's Most Powerful Form Builder since 2004
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user icon If you are considering buying Xmod Pro and you are wondering whether or not you will get a return on your investment then consider this. How long would it take you to build a dnn module with an add/edit form and a report to display the data entered in that form? And how much would that cost? I have found that I can build applications in a couple of days that would take weeks to do in code. We are using Xmod Pro as a RAD tool for all sorts of applications. Data capture, lists, contact forms, reports from remote database, google maps integration can all be done with Xmod Pro. And it most cases when you need something that can't be done out of the box you can use jQuery to do practically anything. Just recently I built a prototype app that I expected would later be built as a module based on the prototype. However, the prototype did the job so well there was no need to replicate it in code. The other thing I would like to say relates to DNNDev. Lately I have had some terrible experienc

posted on 8/23/2011