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Simple V2 Theme // Unlimited Colors // Bootstrap // Responsive // DNN 7/8/9
Bob C (2) says... 5 5.0

user icon This is an excellent module and delivers great results. Looks good and if you take the time to set up your modules it works really well on other devices like smart phones and tablets.

posted on 10/9/2013
PageFlip 7.1.0 - Html5/Flash flipbooks for DNN
Bob C (2) says... 3 3.0

user icon This module has potential but there are some significant issues with it in terms of support and instructions. For this module to work in a mobile environment you also have to purchase the JS Library which has to be installed on your server. The costs of the library is significantly higher than the module itself, which makes the module much more expensive and difficult to install. There is also a lack of documentation on how to set up the flipbook especially in terms of different sized pdf documents as well as any instructions on loading the JS Library onto the server. Aricie have provided support with the uploading of the library to the server and connecting to the module and everything is now working.

posted on 10/9/2013