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Dynamic Registration 7.3
ryan l (2) says... 4 4.0

user icon The product is great, finally i have a subscription and payment module i can trust. The most important thing for me however was the customer support i receive from Data Springs, very impressed.

posted on 9/16/2008
Flash Thumbnail Slider
ryan l (2) says... 1 1.0

user icon flash thumbslider module doesn't seem to do the following options that are advertised on their website. It appears that the Flash page flip options are listed on the thumbslider page. These are some of the options listed on the thumbslider that are not available in the module. - Scale Content - Enable this setting to auto-resize your image to the dimensions of the book. - First Page - Select the page number you want to display first. - Always Opened - Enable this if you want the book to always be open. If not checked, the book will load with a single page for the cover. - Move Speed - Speed of the flipping page - Page Background Color - Page Background Image

posted on 8/4/2008
CTV DNN replied...
user icon The websites information has been updated to show the correct information.