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Cart Viper 4.1.3 - Ecommerce Store
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user icon If you are looking for a high quality, E-commerce cart for DNN, you'll find it in CV. DNN has traditionally been weak in this area, but no more. After removing the horror show of Smith Cart from my system (after spending well over a thousand in enhancements that never worked correctly the first time and having to listen to their 'tech support' tell me that removing the ability to generate zero amount coupons was an 'enhancement' and try to extort more money from me; it felt like I'd removed a turd from my server when I deinstalled the product) Cart Viper has been wonderful. Excellent support and new features that work when they're implemented the first time. Cart Viper is first class. Rick Chapman Author "SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Success in Your Cloud Application Business"

posted on 7/12/2012