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Porto 6
Brian M (7) says... 5 5.0

user icon Excellent Porto Skin. Avoided all the past problems I have had with other 3rd party skins and dnn (free) platform edition - especially around support for out of the box core dnn screens (e.g. social and user account management). Skin also worked well with my other 3rd party modules. Mobile version of Porto skin is flawless. You won't regret this purchase. Well done Mandeeps - there is no wonder why this is in the top seller list. Supereb !

posted on 3/5/2016
SQL Reporting Services (12.0)
Brian M (7) says... 5 5.0

user icon Painless install for a seamless integration of web based reporting into Dnn. Offers powerful collection of module and permission settings for reports. Works on a great list of Microsoft Reporting database platforms/versions - from free SQL Express Database to Cloud. I could easily feed parameters into my reports and loved that you had that optional flexibility to even use DnnSharp's Mytokens - to expand you ability to dynamically set those parameters. The Module Masters SQL Reporting Services Product just works as described! It's backed up by awesome support and rapid responses to your queries. 5 Stars.

posted on 7/16/2015
DNN GlobalStorage 4.8 - Easily tie-in cloud-based, external file systems
Brian M (7) says... 5 5.0

user icon 5 Stars: Exceptional product. Fanatical after sales service/support. DNNGlobalStorage happily sits alongside Evotiva's other rock solid offerings that work out of the box! Powerful single Dnn view into the widest number of supported storage providers. No other Dnn Store module comes close to this - allowing flexible file management options (e.g. copy/move files) within a single cloud provider and/or between different cloud storage providers.

posted on 6/27/2015
ON SALE - Sharp Look Responsive Theme - 60% OFF
Brian M (7) says... 5 5.0

user icon Excellent Product / Fanatical Service! From the Beta to Production release of Sharp Look - Bogdan and his team have been exceptional. It has taken nearly 10 years, but I now finally have DNN page design/layout control, without the hassles of coding/buying designs or using the DNN Administration interface. Dynamic Theme building is a breeze. Site Menu/Search/Registration etc. all come as pre-built mobile friendly design options (out of the box), coupled with strong capabilities for on the fly Page/Header/Row-Content Pane manipulation. You can also rapidly add/remove modules to a page. I personally loved the ability to search for any Page/Portal/Host feature (e.g. Page Import-Export-Delete/Site Settings/Host Extensions etc etc) – using a powerful browser version of what feels like a Windows style Start menu search box. Sharp Look module performance was incredibly fast – obvious to your eyes within first few minutes of use. Overall feature set supports both non-technical/mobile tablet users and even technical people (like myself) looking to quickly move beyond design and focus efforts elsewhere. My suggestions on module fixes/enhancements have been responded to by DNNSharp within hours, with module updates issued same week. As a long-time DNN user, I use heaps of other 3rd party modules - happy to say Sharp Look did NOT break those other modules and happily coexists. Have already recovered cost of Sharp Look from faster customer site development and fact that I don't have to code my own DNN designs or purchase DNN Store Themes/Skins anymore.

posted on 11/26/2014
Live Content 7
Brian M (7) says... 5 5.0

user icon Absolutely wonderful module Live Content v3 - very flexible and one of the best modules on snowcovered. Support is excellent. Had support question on version 3 - which was answered promptly over a holiday period - great service. Brian M

posted on 9/13/2010 8 Modules (On SPECIAL) (NEW)
Brian M (7) says... 5 5.0

user icon I purchased this 8 module value packed special in June 2010. Having run dotnetnuke sites for years, I can honestly say this module(s) is one of best product offerings on snowcovered. All modules worked well. Specific mention also to newer XP Web FileManager which had no issues tranversing an image library of 11 GB. Support matched great product offering with prompt responses received on questions/operation and fixes. Developer always looking to improve modules and is comitted to make your site a success. Well Done and keep up the good work - 5 Stars.

posted on 7/7/2010
Netism Map Extreme 3.7.1 (Bing Maps and Google Maps)
Brian M (7) says... 5 5.0

user icon What can I say - puchased module around Christmas. Reported some issues with use in Asia Pacific/Australia region with kilometers/regional maps. Was not expecting reply over holidays but got very prompt response with fix/patch released within couple of days. What an unbeleivable level of service to match the best mapping module around.

posted on 1/7/2010