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URL Adapter 5 - The Next Generation URL Builder and Rewriter For DNN
Teri W (1) says... 5 5.0

user icon Not only is this module awesome, the service and support that comes with it is hands down the best I've ever received from a DNN module developer. I just can't recommend this company enough. I'm using this module to redirect a certain percentage of users to pages within my portal but you can do all sorts of other things with it like logging the redirects to the database and passing custom attributes down stream via session, cookie or even to the user profile. The management UI is really intuitive too. I like how well the options are documented within the application itself so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do some complex stuff or require a lot of reading to feel comfortable changing a setting. It's all just laid out simply and efficiently which is another knock I have against a lot of modules you can buy. The bottom line is, if you need an easy to use redirect module and want it backed by a solid company, this is the module for you.

posted on 10/21/2010