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Dynamic Forms 7.0
Rob K (1) says... 4 4.0

user icon This is a very powerful module that does what it says. You can design any form imaginable. The only negative (and it's a biggie) is that the user interface for the admin area is poorly designed (there are so many options, that the options are poorly laid out), ugly and quirky. When I say quirky, here is an example. The module supports drag/drop to move questions around. However when you try this it does not act as you would expect. In any other UI, you can see WHAT you are moving and WHERE you will be moving it to, WHILE you are moving it. I.e. grabbing a question should show the question move with your mouse and rearrange other fields "on the fly". Not with this module. I have tried to drag questions around only to find they either don't move at all, or they move in a place that I don't expect. Also, when I begin dragging a question, the drag cursor for my mouse is not located where my mouse pointer actually is, it's a half a screen away.

posted on 5/25/2013