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user icon I think we were the first to use the booking system because we have encountered several bugs and been ignored by their support for the last 2 weeks. There is a bug in a 3rd party open source control that has existed for 2.5 years preventing customers from booking within a fix timeframe - this isn’t their fault apparently and we should research and use alternative 3rd party plugins if it bothers us. It’s not quite that simple. The calendar is built around the functions within that specific open source control. A fix to disable time ranges altogether caused another problem when a user selects a time that is out of range for the product. Some table fields use delimitered values!! This should never be done in a modern database schema - They tried to convince me that this was acceptable but I can’t have any of it - I’ve worked with tables of over 100 million rows and never used delimited values. I’d suggest they use views and split tables for non-enterprise version of sql server or partitioning (at an additional cost) if they have customers with over 1m rows. Editing orders is filled with bugs. The diary is very limited and the view/fields are hard coded into the system. They encourage you to ‘sponsor’ them to make the diary work for you. Customers who select cash payment but later changes their mind and want to pay online can’t! Customers who have paid but want to extend their hire period can’t log in and pay for the outstanding balance. Adding a new item to an existing order causes £25 to be added to the other order items for no logical reason. The product list module is slow. We’ve written a replacement module that uses a stored procedure and transforms the data into a JSON web service instead of inline c# linq queries - it now runs so much faster but it really shouldn’t, the web service and Ajax calls should slow it down in theory. We have given this software a good test after migrating from Catalook and have been quite disappointed with the lack of product and order management features in comparison. We hope the issues can be resolved, it has so much potential, it just needs a code review by a specialist.

posted on 3/21/2018