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Dynamic Forms 7.0
Frank G (1) says... 5 5.0

user icon A very feature rich product, allows for all kinds of customizations, yet relatively easy to use. The latest version, Version 2.3.5, has a "Question Wizard" to set up some commonly used form fields such as names, addresses, etc. to begin your form. After that, you can add as many questions as you want and customize all the questions to your heart's content. We are an ad agency specializing in innovative work both aesthetically and functionally, and we are accustomed to pushing the limits with whatever we produce for our clients . . . and this product stands up to our "pushing"! Dynamic Forms actually works very well with (and has a very similar interface as) a few other Data Springs products, like Dynamic Registration (we purchased that too.) and Dynamic Login. So if you need these additional functionalites, it is helpful and more efficient to use them in an intentionally integrated environment. The technical/product support is remarkable. During our development of our client's product, the support team at Data Springs worked closely and tirelessly with us to fine-tune the features we need--did I say we push the limits with whatever we produce!? Their effort was commendable! Thank you, Data Springs for creating such a phenomenal product!

posted on 6/22/2007