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Revindex Storefront 17 - ECommerce Shopping Cart Store
Alain G (1) says... 5 5.0

user icon After trying many Shopping Cart, I found Revindex Storefront to be the more intuitive, flexible and fun to work with.This package make it easy to configure your store and add ANY business rules you may have for your particular needs. The templates to change the shopping cart interface and the accesible XSL transformation to manage your business rules make it so flexible. The managing interface is also easy to use. Considering you will pass most of your time managing your store and not shopping in it, it's important to feel confortable with it. And the support... AMAZING. These guys work days and nights (yes nights!!!) to find solutions. I have had a problem with my particular installation, and instead of trowing me the ball and serve me the perfect excuse that the problem was not on their side, they help me resolve it and worked hard with me to make things work.Every software can have bugs ( and have it), what is important is a company that stands with is products and customers. In fact, I did not just find a shopping cart solution, what I found is a partner with whom I know I can build my online store with!!! I can now build my online business with confidence, knowing that , if I got technical problems, I will have a team to work with me to resolve it.

posted on 10/12/2012