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Share HTML Modules across Portals and Hosts (Replace Tokens Support)
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user icon UPDATE: would like to recommend this module once again. Last year we selected this module for our website and today I had an additonal request. My question and problem has been solved within an instance. Thank you for the great customer support. Kind regards, Juan Bijzeit Marketeer Invantive B.V. After searching for a module which let us add and share prefilled modules to new DNN pages automatically we have found this solution. It has everything we need to maintain and develop our company site in future without repeating the manual process. We had great service and support and found the software easy to use. If you are looking for a module to share content on your portal then I will advise to try this out. It will save you time and lower your web development cost. Juan Bijzeit Online marketeer

posted on 9/5/2012
DnnZone replied...
user icon Dear Juan Bijzeit, Thanks very much for your kind words.