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Dynamic Forms 7.0
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user icon I needed for a client a way to create an Order Form based around existing business rules for quoting products. While this is not suitable for a chopping cart, it is perfect for creating order forms for limited (but with configurable options and price adjusters) amounts of products. I started building this in XMod, however the ability to do complex multi-field calculations based on user input in seconds from the form question edit page meant that I was able to meet the time line (which was not realistic to begin with!). Some things that are in need of change is better form submission reporting options as well as a form question layout tool that is more drag and drop than it currently is. The support is great, I thouroughly used it and even had a couple of weekend correspondences with the developer that was a pleasant surprise. Well worth the five stars given. -Ronald Ward

posted on 4/8/2008